Breathing Problems

Hi Ladies,
Just thought i wud see if anyone elses breathing has been effected by their pregnancy. I suffer with asthma anyway, but in my first pregnancy it got better. This time round i struggle to talk sumtimes without getting out of breath. I went to see asthma nurse today who dint really seem that concerned n just put it down to baby taking up room. But im only 22wks pregnant (although i look more like 32) so i wudnt have thought baby wud be taking up that much room yet. Its awful tho i feel about 91 not 21! Please say im not the only one! Kerry xxx


  • Hi Kerry
    When i was pf few years ago i had same sort of trouble and equally quite early on. I had a full mot and they kept inhalers the same, just had to do regular peak flows.
    Being pregnant can make you feel a bit breathless as well as being asthmatic. Are you anaemic cos that could be an added problem and can cause breathlessness.
    If you are a bit bigger the extra weight can put pressure on your diaphragm, also body has to push all that extra blood round including to your lungs.
    When baby starts to move down a bit ready for birth hopefully it'll ease a bit.
    Keep taking your meds, measure your peak flows but if you start to feel anything else or very short of breath see your gp for a check. Good luck and sorry for the long post.
    Filo x
  • Unsure if im anaemic yet, but probably am coz i was last time, and im very pale, very tired and just generally feel like sh*t. Thanks for the advise ladies. Kerry xxx
  • Hi kerry am the same im 19 +1 and i cant even walk a flight of stairs and im struggling to breath and i dont have asthma, my mw said its got something to do with the pg hormones, i am also really tired but i think that comes from running around after a 5 yr old and a 6 month old lol, but with my other 2 pg i didnt have a problem with breathing until the end when i was huge.
    vikki xx
  • Doesnt pregnancy do funny things to us women?
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