Does anyone else have this problem?

Hi all

Just wondering of anyone else has this problem, people at work keep connenting on how big my baby bump is!!

Saying its big for how far on i am (currently 18 weeks).

Just wondering how big everyonr else was at this stage



  • Fortunately I haven't had any comments yet about bump size but I can imagine how it might feel and I dont understand - people's bumps are so different how can they tell? Also at 18wks you're almost half way - what do they expect?

    Why not say "you're looking quite big round the middle too - are you sure you're not preggers as well?" - that'll probably shut them up! image

    Ooh I'm sort of hoping someone aks me now .....
  • Thanks for replying redpod

    It just getting me down now everyday someone has something to say about the size of my bump - what makes it worse is it appears to get bigger as the day goes on! weird eh!

    Also i am quite emotional at the moment - this is my first pregnancy after haveing 2 m/c's so constantly on edge anyway and this is just making it harder

    Thanks again
  • Hey!
    Yeah, I have this problem too. At 18 weeks I definitely had a noticeable bump and yup it got bigger as the day went on as well. I went to a tribute night when I was about 18 weeks & we had a 3 course meal and I had a glass of wine too, I was so bloated people were looking at me like I was ready to drop.
    I'm now 26+3 and I'm huge, although I'm only measuring a week ahead. When I had some blood took recently the nurse seemed to think I was ready to have it, when I said I had 3 months left she was like 'Oh God! Really?!'
    I love having a big bump but I wish I could avoid the annoying comments that go along with it. People are so rude, they don't stop to think it might be hurtful, after all u would never call a fat person fat!
  • Glad to hear its not just me
    I think some people don't think before they speak do they.

    Also i think they are comparing me to the last girl at work that was pregnant - she was a size 6 so was tiny most of her pregnancy i am a size 12 so not so tiny and after all everyones different
  • i loved people commenting on my bump at first but i am starting to feel down cause everyone says im huge and im going to have a 10 pounder,and how thats going to make my eyes water lol.

  • well there is a girl in my office who is 3days behind me she is a size 8 and i was a size 18 pre pregnancy so naturally im bigger i am 19weeks and everyone is saying how big i am compared to her its doing my head i and if i eat then god forbid thats a whole new discussion cos all she seems to eat is rice cakes!

    so you are not alone everyone thinks they have the right the pass judgement and make comments on everything you do!
  • I ha e only just (in the last day) started showing my bump off!

    I was walking round in the biggest baggiest clothes and noone commented coz they probably just thought I was fat, thing is I am now waiting for the comments to start. I am 18 +4 and I feel like a beached whale already so god knows how big am gonna end up!

    Am loving reading the comments to make - just waiting to use them now.
    Love Lee
  • i'm 19wks and i've had comments since xmas about how big i am and haven't i grown and blah blah blah hahaha leaving me feeling fat and frumpy and altho they say i'm glowy i'm feeling a lil bit negative image
  • Deffo the "Im pregnant. whats your excuse?" line always works if hormonal or not!

  • hi ya i have had this and most ppl r lovely and just say u have got big u look brill etc which is lovely but u always get 1 who will say something nasty i now refuse to work with the person who was being nasty to me not always the best solution but i just couldnt take it anymore if i could do it again i would prop just be really nasty back i think its terrible that ppl think they have the right to start commenting on our bumps!!!!
  • just ignore what ppl say, pple always have an opinion its just sad they always have to express it! x
  • hiya, dont worry bout it, theres always someone who will say wow your big, then the next will say "well your not showing much are you", you cant win. When i had was 38wks gone with little girl and saw a "consultant" due to high Blood pressure, she measured me and said are you 28 or 38 wks gone!!!! i couldnt believe it! now that is bad!
  • i didn't show much with the other 2, I really want a big bump this time.

    I did get one lady with DD, corner me in tesco's toilets

    'Your big aren't you?, when are you due?'

    'Um, [email protected]

    'OOhhh you'll be huge!'

    it was only 6 weeks away!!!!!!!!!ANd she was only 6lb!! honestly, some people just don't think!!
  • i suffered from really bad IBS before i was pregnant and being a slim 8-10 i always looked pregnant and working in retail custermors always used to say ''ahhh congratulations) and id be sooooo embarrised. the horrible thing that upset me most was we were ttc after 2m/c so now im 28 weeks and am bigger than what i should be cos of the bloatedness and do i care?? nope !!! im just happy that this time round everything is ok and its only going to get bigger !!!
  • yer ppl say it nearly everytime they see me Grrr!! can get v.annoying but they say i look big but im nowhere near as big as in my previous preg im alot smaller my bumps all out front and gettin low now im currently 28wk+1,this time round ive only put on bout stone n half id say but i have'nt weighed myself im still in size 8 clothes sum 10s in my previous preg i put on over 3stone and was like a whale lol image
    abbie,hope+bluebump 28wk+1
  • I've had everything from you look really big to oh that looks neat and today - that's a small baby!!!!

    I'm now 30+5 and today decided that everybody judges bump size by different criteria so [email protected] going to ignore them all!

    Worse thing is midwife did not have tape measure at 28 week appointment so I don't even know what size I am measuring!
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