been to docs....

well been to docs and he was greta....not.
he discussed miscarriage alot and told me not to get my hopes up too much - nice
but he calculated from 1st day last period was 18th march. and said its too early to get +ve preg test - well i have done at least 8 so i am def preg!
maybe its from the month before he said? but i would of had pos preg tests before mon surely? and also when i got pos preg test i would have been 9dpo? maybe less? he has put doubts in my mind now?i got pos ov test on sat 13 days ago and ov after this? i just dont know now!!!! i ovd only 11 days after last af day. also last af was ridiculously light and almost not there? im soooo confused now!!! got app with midwife in 2 weeks anyone any ideas? x


  • ooh what an ar*e!! drs don't you love them, some have sensitivity of a wet squid! lol
    well he obviously doesn't know what he's talking about. Fingers crossed that the midwife can shed some light, maybe you'll get an early scan because of it, yay.
    Filo x
  • I wouldn't say it was too early Hayley - I did 4 pg tests all positive! This was 5 days before af...On a 28 day cycle...Not sure when I ovulated but would that be 9dpo presuming I ovulated day 14.

    So I don't think it's too early to get a BFP at all especially if you have a high level of hormone - which is a good thing!

    They say it can mean twins but I'm definitely only having the 1 xxx

  • omg not again!!! they thought it was twins last time!!! hubby nearly passed out!!! wasnt though i can only presume its a good thing if hcg levels are high ? did cbd just and came up preg after 20-30 secs xx
  • positive is positive, what is he suggesting? That you have been halucinating the +ve test results? By my sums it is 25 days since March the 18th so even if you have a 28 day cycle you are testing less than 4 days before af is due and modern tests can work that early, if your cycle is shorter than that or you ov earlier than average then you are even more likely to get a +ve. (does any of that make sense?) I guess you will have to wait untill they do a dating scan to find out for sure, can you have your dating scan early if they think you might be more pregnant?
  • Def not too early to get positive result, just ignore him lol. When i went to see doctor he also said to me "but you do know that half of pgs end in miscarriage so ull just have to wait and see". So nice aren't they.

    Im sure all is well xxx
  • lol i know! he said that to me too!!i did ov earlier than 14 days definately bedhead. my cycle is all over the place. im def preg yeah just wait to see mw in 2 weeks all being well x
  • The day that i went to the doctors i left feeling very deflated! I had already done 2 tests which were positive but he said he would have to send me for a blood test because many women read the test wrong. I was so annoyed after feeling so good at being pregnant, i left the doctors and did another 2 tests because i was so worried then even though i knew id done them right. I think some doctors need a lesson on how to deal with people and what to say and not say!
  • Def not too early I normally have a 22 day cycle and tested positive 1 week before af was due and got a very clear positive even though I used a cheap test from boots. Doc asked me for a sample to test as didn't believe I would be able to tell so early! That came back positive too plus I had an extremly emotional day which was a sign too! Good luck and I am sure it will all work out for you!
    Tammi xxx
    30.6 weeks
  • thanks alot im sure im worrying over nothing but when the doc frowns at you and says well its very early to get a positive pg test and doesnt even give me a due date (last time dr did this) just says see the midwife soon as i think it may be pg from previous month. i dont think it is at all i would be ill by now (was v ill last time) and i am feeling ok at mo just running the loo lots! x
  • Wow your Dr sounds horrible. One of my best friends is a GP and she used a tesco's own test when she thought she was pregnant (which she was) She said they all do the same thing. Some of the tests you can test early can't you?
  • yeah but the clearblue ones showed up best for me the early ones were crap. dr is actually nice but a man (sorry any men out there!) x
  • Hi,
    what a horrid 1st appointment on what should be a wonderful time!! I got my bfp about 14 days after my ov and had a similar thing said about not getting too excited whereas I am now 14 weeks!!
    Good luck for the next few months, and I hope things get better for you!!
    Lydia xx
  • mother in law doesnt help when i explained it all to her she also said its early and itll look good now if i wasnt pg after all!!! for gods sake i have done 8 tests inc 2 digital ones!! my boobs kill ! i hate this part want to ff a few weeks! x
  • well i did it i went and bought some more tests (only 2.49 at boots for 2) and did it just and its a dark positive so i defo am lol!!! feeling a bit annoyed at doc and mil for putting these doubts in my mind. but thanks guys xx
  • Stop buying tests!!! lol You are definately pregnant! I think the only slight doubt is how pregnant you are but bankrupting your self on tests won't tell you that lol
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