OMG! Pouring with BLOOD last night!!!! (tmi!)

(I have also posted this in the September forum)

Morning girlies,

What a night i've had! I had a really good day yesterday, after being housebond with sickness for the past 6 weeks i felt up to heading into town. Had a lovely day shopping with my son.

Anyway in the evening just settled down in bed in front of the telly at 8pm when i suddenly felt like my waters had broken!!!!! I had a look and it was bright red blood running out of me!!!! I ran downstairs screaming for my husband and sat on the toilet with the blood just pouring out, it was so scary!!!! This lasted for about 5 mins while my hubby was on the phone to the antenatal unit. I was told to come in straight away. But when i wiped there was a massive clot about the size of a large boiled egg!!! I was convinced this must be the baby!!! :cry: My hubby put it in a bag and we took it with us.

Got the the hospital and the mw took away the clot to examine. I then had to get my cervix checked to see if it was open or closed, open would mean i was miscarrying but also closed could indicate i had a complete mc! It was a very uncomfortable examination. They were closed but a lot of mucus and blood round them. I then had blood taken (not vey good with needles) i was so numb i didn't feel a thing. The mw came back a few minutes later and said the clot was just a clot of blood, phew!

I then had to wait about 3 hours for a scan, it was such a scary wait, i had been through the same wait when i was 8 weeks, i had a wee bit of spotting and that ended well with the baby having a heartbeat, could i be this lucky again!? Finally she scanned me and there was my little baby bouncing about on it's bum, waving it's arms and legs and it even turned a mooned us, hehe! It was soooooo amazing!!!! She then checked the baby to see where the blood was coming from and it wasn't from the baby. She checked around my womb and no sign of the cause, so i guess i'll never know what caused it.....?!

Just wanted to let you know especially girls that are experiencing bleeding that it can turn out ok and this was a very heavy bleed with clots!

We finally got to go home about midnight after getting a very nippy anti d injection in my bottom!!

Hope you are all well, i'm having a day of rest in bed and my mum has my son for the night/day.

Got my dating scan on the 25th so looking forward to seeing the baby again and speaking to my mw about the bleeding. The scan yesterday did confirm that i am due on the 29th September, spot on the estimated due date!

Take care and sorry for such a long post, it all feels a bit unreal at the mo so good to write it down!



  • phew, that's good news, panicked when I saw your post, trhat must have been terrifying for you both. Take it easy and goos luck with the rest of your pregnancy.
    Em x
  • Oh my goodness El_Pinko!!!! I am so glad you are ok! (I remembered your story form the ttc forum) Best
  • that must have been so scary,so glad all is well,take it easy hun xx
  • Thanks girls, fingers crossed the bleeding has completely stopped but i'm scared to move incase it starts again! I'm convinced it must be a girl this time, being such a wee madam causing me all this worry! I suppose it is just to get me prepared for things to come! hehe!

    I had such an easy pregnancy with my son and after my mc in dec i'm just a nervous wreck! This time has been so different - spotting at 8 weeks, bleeding at 12 weeks, horrendous 24/7 sickness, roll on September!!!!

  • Wow, that must have been so scary for you I cnt imagine wat must have been go through your head. Glad all is ok and here's to a happy and healthy next 28wks. Kerry xxx
  • Sorry to hear you've been having a hard time. I had bleeding 3 times (although not as bad as you) at 15, 18 and 25 weeks and they couldn't find a cause. The body is a funny thing isn't it? I was just told not to have sex because that could cause it to happen again. I have been fine ever sinceand I am now 41 + 1 so baby is obviously very happy in there!

    Hope you're ok and it doesn't happen again...
  • Thanks Nicospoon, that is really good to know!

    I've prepared myself that is might happen every 4 weeks (like a period) but i'm sure i'll crap myself if it happens again. Luckily i've had no pain and all seems well with the baby.

    I went 10 days over with my son and after a sweep i went into labour the next morning! Hope your wee one makes an appearance soon!

    Good luck!

  • OMG babe, thank god you and baby are alright!

    I cannot imagine how you felt last night - just make sure you really do rest and relax today!

    Take care
    Love Lee
  • I really panicked when I saw your post. So glad and relieved it was OK in the end. Although what a horrid experience to have to go through. I've been really luckly and not had any spotting or bleeding at all, which would probably make me panic even more if it did happen.
    I'll have to wait till next week to find out if all OK and if we are still date twins. Even if we're not, 29th Sept is great date. My birthday !!
    Have a good rest today and treat yourself to something nice to eat for lunch, maybe an easter egg !!
    Take care. Suz xx
  • Thanks Suz, my hubby is going to come home at lunch time with a yummy subway and i'm still craving dark chocolate so munching on a bar of that at the mo!

    I was sooooo scared! It didn't seem real but i suppose at least i got to see my baby a week early! You'll be soooo amazed how much they move around and how clearly it is a baby! Hopefully i'll have no more stress and i can finally enjoy the pregnancy!
  • That must have been awful - thank goodness lo is a bouncing baby and was unaware of what a fright it's given it's mum!

    Take things veeeerrrry easy for now and rest up!

  • thanks for all your kind words. Well i've only had a tiny bit of spotting today, it looks like leftover from yesterday. My sickness has also returned which i'm actually happy about cos i feel pregnant again.

    it's good to share our ups and downs on here, xxxx
  • Oh my God! How scary that must have been for you. I am glad your lo is OK and you are too!

    I had bleeding all through my first trimester but it was mostly spotting, nowhere near as scary as that!

    Good luck for the rest of your pregnancy xxxxxx

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