when baby moves for the 1st does it......

Feel like a bubble bursting????

Not sure but i think i felt a weird sensation 2 hours ago!
im 18 weeks pregnant and i felt a sensation like a bubble bursting inside, not felt anything since!
Is it too early to feel something? is my mind playing tricks on me?


  • It could well be your baby. I felt mine at 14 weeks and it was kicking - it felt like faint little taps on the inside of my belly. It was after I had sweet so it must have got a burst of energy and it was kicking for about 5mins non stop!!

    I'm now 18 weeks and from 16 weeks the baby's been doing somersaults
    in there and it can be uncomfortable at time cuz my belly goes all hard and
    it makes me feel a little ill while its doing it.

    But if you have a doppler - you can hear swooshing movements like moving under water. When oh listens he says wow that's so loud and I'm like I know I can feel it!!! Works especially well if your lying down flat.
  • everyone keeps talking abouth these doppler things where can i get one from? do tesco sell them?
  • I'm with debs, it does feel just like a 'twitch'! Weird. x x x
  • oh so i probably was imagining it, ok il look out for a twitch feeling!
    im gonna get one of those doppler things cos some days im really paranoid. Pregnancy is so weird it makes you really aware of everything and opens ur eyes to all concerns you have, maybe its maternal instincts coming in
  • hi, I didnt feel my lo move until about 24 weeks, but it was like a bubble popping, you'll find when your baby does start to move more you will break out into smiles. My friends can always tell when my lo moves as I smile even if he is kicking he hell out of me 31 weeks today
  • hi, I didnt feel my lo move until about 24 weeks, but it was like a bubble popping, you'll find when your baby does start to move more you will break out into smiles. My friends can always tell when my lo moves as I smile even if he is kicking he hell out of me 31 weeks today
  • hello imsure i did a post earlier about this but i cant find it now. BUt what i said was exactly how you described it. I was 19 weeks i was in cyprus lying on a sun lounger so my tummy was stretched out and it felt like someone had blown a bubble in some chewing gum and it had popped in side me!. I shit myself and then i lay there waiting for it to happen again. It makes me laugh when i think about that holiday becouse me and other half were obsessed bymy belly. He wont be able to feel anything for few weeks yet although i used to think oh my god how can you not feel it!!!! I have to say now at 36 weeks it makes me shout out loud now when their bony arms and legs are scraping your insides and when you are lying on your side it feels like you are being stabbed! So enjoy your little bubbles while you can! I do have to add though for any one else reading this after speaking to lots and lots of mums that all babysare not thesame and mine is particuarlly a very active one! My belly is like a comedy show !
  • Hi,
    This is my second baby and iv bin feeling these 'flutterings' since about 12weeks and now at 16wks its definate movement and feels really strange but nice. Gempot i would get in the bath and just lie there for a bit and ull prob find that you will feel your baby move then. Westbrom1 i no wat u mean bout wen they get bigger it can hurt. With my first he used to lie funny with his legs sticking out and id be walking around with a lobbed sided belly. Funny but painful. I also used to love it wen he was on a mad one, just watching my belly moving around was really weird. Kerry xxx
  • i felt firm movements at about 16 weeks. the way i described the first fluttering was like someone using a straw to blow bubbles in paint lol so it sounds like the same as what you are feeling. im 33+2 now and have monster kicks so no mistaking them lol looks like im having a storm in my belly
  • Hi, a few friday nights ago, I was at a friends house and fell asleep on her sette, she said if I had woken up suddenly I would have thought oh my god what is going on, all her kids and herself where watching my tummy, as my bump was moving about and they could see it under through my top! she wished she had recorded it for me.
  • My doppler is an angelsounds fetal heart doppler or something like that and I got it form ebay think it was about ??20. I have said lots of times on this forum that I haven't felt junior yet (20+6) but I hear the hb and can also hear the noises yummy mummy speaks about, so I guess its moving, I just can't feel it yet! xx
  • thanks girlies
    its nice to know that some of you felt it as early as 16weeks this fills me with confidence....something us pregnant ladies dont have much of at the moment.
    kerrymc im going to have a bath today and see if i can feel anything.
    Thanks again for all the helpful advice
  • i think because i get paranoid that something has happened and baby may have died etc i always think the worst so when i felt the bubble sensation i was hoping it meant baby was alive!
    im really excited but really nervous about my 20week scan im worried they will give me bad news but i hear its common to worry about this scan, i just want to know bubba is alive and well
    i bet your hubby loved that, my oh is desperate to feel something but we are looking forward to knowing the sex hes so excited about being a dad
  • im desperate to know the sex i want a boy and oh wants a girl, but deep down neither of us are bothered we just hope its healthy, im sick of calling it "it", thats another reason i want to know.
    i want a 4d scan too but im overweight so im worried it wont come out as good
  • thank you so much for that advice im gonna ring them today and book an appointment, how many weeks were you when you had your 4d scan?
  • ok i was sat round my friends house last night and i got "cramp in my left ribs" my friend has had 2 kids and told me it was baby moving i laughed it off till a few mins later i had a really uncomfortable feeling INSIDE my hip again she said it wass baby this time i said to her i had thought it was but everyone else was having flutterings or popping bubbles why was i getting pain! she explained she had in her first pregnancy. as we were talking i had "cramp in my right ribs and she pushed on my belly and said you can feel baby as it adjusts itself so i had a feel and low and behold i had a slightly bigger bump to the right! WOOHOOOOOOO then later baby moved to the front and got me wedged between the bookcase and the doorframe image had to get the 7yr old to shove me through! how embarassing!
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