Will we get ur bodies back?

Dont get me wrong, I wouldnt change anything for the world, but Im getting huge at the moment and when I look at pics of my friends in nice dresses ect. I cant help but think, will I ever look nice in something like that again or will I just look a mess if I try.
It doesnt help that Ive started to get horrible stretch marks, and they are horrible-its like as soon as you notice one they all start popping up, Ive got some cream and hoping it will save them-if that doesnt work Im going onto the bio-oil.
But am I wrong in worrying whether ill ever be able to get ready to go out and feel good about my body again? xx



  • Hi with my first I had loads of really hideous stretch marks, they were bright purple and red. They've now gone almost white! You can hardly see them now and the good thing is I havent got any more with this one (yet!). I'm sure you look lovely in things now, lots of women have said nice things to me about my bump. You will get your body back, but its not the most important thing in the world and after you've had that little baby the last thing on your mind will be doing sit ups!
    Try and enjoy your bump hun, you'll miss it when its gone!
  • I worry about this, hubby tells me not to, but I still do! I keep thinking that with a summer baby I will do lots of walking with the pram!


  • I don't want my body back ... I want a better one!!

    Tee hee! - seriously though I think I'm lucky to be having summer a baby because (hopefully) it will give me lots of opportunities to get out and about and keep active. Knowing my luck we'll have a pants summer but I'm being optimistic.
  • I think we'll all get our bodies back, but it does take time. I haven't even put on 2 stone, about 1 stone 11lbs. Which I think is quite good for 41 weeks especially considering the apparent size of the baby, at least 9 lbs. So I think the weight should come off quick considering the water, placenta, and so on - it's not weight I'm worried about though, it's my stomach. I have a LOT of stretchmarks, look like I'm on my 5th child not my 1st!!! And I'm soooo worried about getting a saggy dimply belly! I never had the perfect flat stomach but it was "reasonable" enough to wear a bikini! xxx
  • Hi ladies

    I was really worried about this, too! I think everyone is to some extent.
    I put on about 2 stone when I was at my heaviest carrying Max - going from 10st to 12st.

    After I had him I started breastfeeding and it is the best thing you can do for getting your figure back!!
    5 months after he was born I now weigh 9st! I've actually lost weight for having a baby and I haven't been denying myself anything or dieting. If you take baby out a lot for walks, maybe get a baby carrier and eat healthily then most people shouldn't have a problem.

    As for stretchmarks - I've learnt to love them! :roll:
  • I think this depends on peoples individual bodies, coz my SIL just pinged back into shape after having her little boy without a stretch mark or piece of saggy skin in site. Me on the otherhand got so huge in my last pregnancy that im covered in stretch marks and left with this horrible saggy belly afterwards that no amount of dieting or exercise would shift. I personally im so uncomfortable with how i look after having a baby and im thinking that surgery is the only option for me. Everyone is different tho. Kerry xxx

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