Hello Ladies!!

Ive just been upgraded to mum to be!! Yay!! Found out i was preg last pm!

I was wondering if any of you had any advise as to what to avoid, best vits etc! Also how you copped with morning sickness, i havent got any symptoms yet but just thought id ask the question!

So come on ladies any words of wisdom for a first time mum????? :lol:


  • Hi baby tigger ..cool name!

    I am just newly pg and a first time mum and all I'll say is you worry about everything .....the stretching pains down each side of your tum are normal as are the lower down cramp like pains (only found out last one is ok this morning).

    The only other symptoms I have are very sore and tender boobs and tiredness and the emotional rollercoaster stuff.

    Other than that read al lthe posts on here it makes you more comfortable know someone else is going trhough the same symptoms etc as you!

    Congrats on your BFP!!!
  • Thanks!! When did your morning sickness start??
  • firstly congrats! secondly raw meat, pate, raw or uncooked egg or that type of products, no mister whippy icecream or macdonalds milk products from machine, don't worry about the nut allergy thing unless ur allergic to it there is researxch available saying that it may cause an intolerance by not eating nuts.

    I'm also a 1st time mom and have applied to join a patch study on hypoallergenic milk due to the amount of allergies with me and my family. WE have hayfever asthma exma and food intolerences in family.

    Crongrats and welcome to the club lol
  • congrats to you baby tigger its really exciting the fist time you are pregnant and going to be a mum, try not to worry over everything as there lots of help and advice,im on my third. morning sickness is a pain i found getting up slowly not rushing about, also snack and try not to get really hungry or eat to much as that makes it worse,also i found a plain biscuit helped me and them toast. congrats and well done take care.
    vikki xx
  • Hi
    Congrats to everyone on impending babies!!
    Am 12 weeks with second but is so far totally different from first time round!!!
  • I'm 11+2 weeks and the sickness is beginning to ease off now. It started to kick in after 6 weeks.

    I was in hospital last weekend for 3 days with dehydration - could not keep anything down! Felt really rotten. They gave me 3 drips to get fluid levels up, gave me a scan to make sure lo was ok (it looked so beautiful with the little heartbeat flickering away - so oblivious to everything going on in it's own peaceful world!)
    They also had to give me an anti-sickness injection so I could keep my food down. hospital food wasn't too bad actually!

    It put my mind at ease spending time in hospital as now I know that all the staff are really friendly and the surroundings are all really comfortable. Looking forward to giving birth there.

    Good luck!
  • hi congratulations. i just felt sick but was never actually sick. it lasted about 5 weeks and i wore travel sickness bands and ate little and often which helped. i took sanatogen pro-natal tabs during my pregnancy and while breastfeeding. you may well be lucky and get no morning sickness. x
  • Just wanted to say hi and welcome!

    I was lucky and didn't really suffer with morning sickness so no advice but wanted to welcome you anyway!!! image
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