morning ladies hope u r all well today

I went to see my midwife yesterday as i am constantly having pains in and around my pelvis. i first noticed it wen i was waking up every night in pain wen i was turning over now it hurts pretty much all the time even just walkin and wen i got out of the bath yesterday i was in so much pain i shouted and OH had to help me get my other leg out!!

my midwife thinks its symphsis pubic disfunction but i dont know anything about it as i dont know anyone whose ever had it. shes refered me to a physio and said i might have to wear some sort of support band and that its probably gonna get worse as baby gets heavier.

i dont know how im gonna cope running the house and looking after a 1 and 2 yr old and am really worried labour is gonna be more painful. :cry:

sorry for a miserable start to the morning ladies but i dont have anyone else to talk to.
elaine xx


  • hi elaine,i too have spd and was finding it worse when i woke in the morning so now i sleep on top of a folded in half double duvet and it has helped loads.I cant lie on my side or i'm in agony with my pelvis,i have to sleep on my back with pillows under my thighs.I find if i do alot of walking its worse so try not 2 do 2 much now.A tip is to keep your legs together when moving from 1 thing to another ieimageut of bed,off the sofa,out of the car.I hope your physio is better than the classes round here,they are juat normal back classes with about 10 other women in where they just tell you tips on how to make it feel better!I bought a support belt off ebay but it feels really tight and uncomfortable so i dnt wear it tbh!hope ur not in 2 much pain,how much longer u got 2 go?? hanna xxx
  • I am a sufferer too mate so I understand how you feel! I was diagnosed 10 wks ago!

    I will bump up a post by Jemaxox that gives loads of details and tips from ladies who have suffered too. There are a lot of tips that I found extremely useful but for nighttime - if you can I highly suggest getting some of the silky/satiny type pyjamas. Wearing them makes it much easier to move in bed - if I dont wear them I end up waking in pain more often! The double duvet underneath is also a HUGE help!
    I hope it helps!
    Take care, Love Lee
  • Hi Elaine I suffer from this to and like Lee says have a look at the other post as there are loads of useful tips! Things to avoid doing if you can are lifting anything heavy, hoovering and one my midwife mentioned was pushing the shopping trolley! Also make sure you can plenty of rest as and when you can as I find this really helps! Tammi xxx
    30.5 weeks
  • Hi ladies,

    I had my little girl in October and suffered with Sciatica from 3 mnths then SPD and I can sympathise because its agony. I had back problems anyway from riding but this was terrible. Like you mornings were horrendous and just the thought of getting out of bed made me want to cry. Also having to pee more during the night was awful, and I looked like an old crone trying to get to the loo!!!

    I say my osteopath, a physio and was referred to a gynae physio. That helped and she gave me a HUGE piece of tubi grip that I had to wear all the time, from just under my bra over bump and down past hips - very attractive. If I was walking I had to wear a support brace. She also recommended no lifting, no hoovering, no shopping trolley. So I used Tesco online, but still did too much as we have a farm and are in the middle of a huge building development!! Really ladies I would say try to rest because I was only a step away from being on crutches, but luckily baby came 12 days early and thankfully all the SPD pain stopped the minute I had her.

    Good luck to u all.
  • thanku so much ladies i was feeling really low this morning - i dont think my OH understands how painful it can be thats y i put a post on so thanx again for ur tips and support.
    elaine xx
    31 + 1
  • I would add mate that if you see a physio and she offers crutches - snatch them off her lol

    Somedays I would not be able to move at all if it wasnt for them! Sorry to hear your OH doesnt understand how painful it is but maybe if you show him how badly some women on here have suffered it will sink in!

    Also - make sure it is in your notes!!! They have to be extra vigilant with your birth and not open your legs too wide - if they did it could (not saying it will) end up dragging on for months after lo arrives!!!

    Take care
    Love Lee
  • men dont know wot we av to go through!they wud never have anymore kids after 1!!show him these posts!lol take care xxx
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