Is my baby boy too big already???

Hi everyone. I had a 4d scan the other day (recommend it, absolutely awesome)image The scan person said that my boy was weighing approx 4 pounds, the problem is I was just over 28 weeks then. I don't think he should of even been 3 pounds then. Is there a tendency for the later scans to be incorrect?? I don't have gestational diabetes and I am not overweight, just normal. I hope he is not going to be a 10 pounder. :\? Any one else had this?




  • I had this as well!! At my 4d scan at 26 weeks they said the baby looked more like it was 28 weeks due to the 'fat' coverage. The NHS scan at 28 confirmed that the baby is going to be large. I have been checked for GD which cam back negative. Were you heavy at birth? Its the maternal size at birth that denotes the baby weight. I was 9lb 9 so its just genetics for me as I am normally 9 stone!. Have your MW spoken to you about your birth plan in relation to a large baby? Scans aren't always accuarate so don't worry too much! there is no need as its fairly common.

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  • My first was a big boy - 9lbs 2 at birth, which has come completely from my OHs side as noone in my family is above 8lbs. I've just been tested for GD and havent had a call so am assuming that its negative, but this baby is measuring bigger than my first was already image So looks like another big baby for me, and I'm only 5ft tall, and before i got preg with the first i was 7 1/2 stone.

    I wouldnt worry about the weight too much - they say a bigger baby is easier to birth. Or you can talk it through with your MW see what she says.
  • I wouldn't worry too much at this stage, remember when you have your mw check ups she will measure you to see how big baby is. I'm sure if there are any concerns she will speak with you about another scan etc
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  • marnb - it is true that bigger babies are easier to birth - obv unless they get stuck!!

    i was told my LO was going to be well over 10lb full term when i was 35 weeks (i think) and when i went to be induced at 13 days over the mw's who felt my belly looked horrified and everytime asked if i'd been told i was having a big one! anyway, induction failed and i had to have a c-section and he was a grand total of...

    8lb 5oz!!

    the whole family had bets on how big he was going to be and my OH's bet was the smallest which was 9lb something! i almost didn't believe her when she said 8lb 5oz and i think if i could have got off the operating table there and then i would of to check it myself :lol: after weeks of panicking cuz i'd gone overdue and that he was getting bigger and bigger in there it was all a waste of time!! even tho 8lb 5oz is still bigger than average it was NOTHING compared to what i was expecting, if she'd told me 11lb something i wouldnt have been shocked lol! x
  • manb - yes thats what 'statistics' show, that bigger babies are easier to birth because their weight bears down on the cervix and birth canal more than a smaller baby making it easier for them to come out... apparantly. I wouldn't know as I am too small to physically birth a baby bigger than 7lbs ish and I had to have a section because Ollie was big.
    I've been told this next one is highly likely to go over 10lbs and am having an elective section because there is not other way of getting the lil tinker out.
    I cant wait to hold her, and see how big she really is, not sure what I'd do with a small baby now after Ollie! :lol:
  • Wow, there are some big babies out there. I was just over 6 pound full term, and so was my daughter. I think this one must be getting some chocolates from somewhere and not sharing them with Mummy, lol. I like the idea of having a smaller baby, they seem to be babies for longer. I know I will love him no matter what size he is though.

    I do have a friend who was warned her son was gonna be a stone at birth, OMG!! They also told her if she wanted a natural birth they might have to break his shoulders. How awful So not what you want to hear. He was born just under a stone. I'll bet that hurt!!

    I have my next mw at 33 weeks, and then a consultant at 35 weeks I think so I guess they will tell me if there is going to be a problem. I am so hoping that the scan was inaccurate though.

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  • Wow really Mrs Amanda, already 17 pounds? THey just grow too quick don't they. I guess whatever he weighs I will love him. I just hope the scan is wrong still, lol. At least you know if your baby is 6lbs already he/she should be relatively ok when born. That is a plus I suppose. I wonder why it happens, must be boys. They like food, lol.

  • There must be something in the air with big baby boys at the mo! I had my 4d scan at 29 weeks and my boy was weighing just under 4lb, and had to have another scan last week at 34 weeks because i'm measuring big and he is nearly 6llb now.........i suppose i should be thankful that i'm booked in for a c-sect at 39 weeks!

    Good luck!


  • i had a 9llb 14oz and only arrived at the hosp 45 mins b4 she was born. very easy labour .but no one said that shed be particulary big
  • A friend of mine was told that if she went full term she would have 12lb baby and strongly recommended being induced early. She said no, stuck to her guns. She went 3 days over due, had a natural labour and birth and baby was only 9lb something. Both her children have been on the larger side and she didn't have GD. I think scans can be wrong. Try not to worry yourself about it.
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