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Anyones work have their own maternity package?

Hi ladies,

Just a quick question - if your work has their own maternity package, ie 4 months full pay, how does this affect your statuatory maternity pay, which I believe is 90% full pay for 6 weeks, then onto the same as maternity allowance - ??124 a week?

Does the statutory maternity pay get deducted from your 4 months full pay?

Thanks ladies


38 & 1


  • i would assume it would get deducted. i cant imagine they would pay you MORE when you are on mat leave!!! i get full pay for the first 4 weeks accordning to the hr documents. this was full pay - smp, then smp paid seperately on my pay slip.
  • Hi littlewolf, sorry to g/c your conversation, but can I just ask you a quick q re the NHS mat pay.

    I've just applied for my mat leave and I'm waiting for details of my package to come through. I know it will be standard through the NHS so....

    I thought the first 8 weeks was full pay full stop, but that the gov put the ??123 smp towards it. Is that not the case?

    So, for example....
    If your usual monthly salary is ??1,000 - for the 8 week period do you get ??1,000 or ??877?

    17 weeks
  • Hi, I get six months full pay. The employer claims the smp back from the government so this reduces what they pay out, but what I recieve will stay the same.
  • hi,

    mine said that the company claim the SMP and then add to it to make up what they are offering. i.e (mine is crap BTW!!) I get 100% for 6 weeks. so they take the 90% from the government and then add the extra 10% that they are offering.

    does that make sense?

    Emma x
  • I'm in the NHS too, on baby no.2.
    The first 8 weeks you get your usual pay (so it includes SMP), then the rest is as littlewolf says.
    It is all very confusing!
  • My work provide full pay for x amount of time and I assume that's with SMP included. I don't imagine they'd give me that on top. I guess they claim the SMP part back from the government (hence why they're so keen on getting the MATB1 form) and they pay the rest xx
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