sorry if tmi but

Has anyone else got really strong wee and smells strong too? My wee is strong in smell and look all day and i have not got an infection or anything as mw just took a sample but everytime ive been pg i have had this. That is how i knew i was pg this time. I drink plenty off water but still strong just wondered if any one elses was like this.
vikki xx


  • I was going to postsomething similar on here, my wee has been really dark in colour! It doesn't seem to smell stronger but it's sooo dark! Not sure what causes it although I did hear once that if it's really dark it can mean you are having a boy???xxx
  • Hi faith i have had dark and stong all 3 times and i have a boy and a girl i dont know what this one is yet but i think it could be a boy as i feel the same as last time and lo was a boy.
    At least i know im not the only one lol.
    vikki xx
  • mine is reaaaallly misty and light, like water. and the mw takes a sample from me al the time too. ut she said everything fine so i guess everyone diff eh?
  • Mine is definitely different in smell and thats what made me take the test. Again the nurse and the midwife have said it's normal when they tested it??! I thought if it was dark it meant that you were dehydrated?
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