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Hi - just wanted to say hello... I found out I'm pregnant on Thursday and still getting over the shock! We've been trying for a while so it's really happy news... but I'm only 6 weeks so trying not to get too excited (which is difficult).

I feel really nervous about getting to the 12 week stage - I wish I could just fast forward the next 6 weeks, Does everyone feel like that?! mx


  • Lovely to hear from someone who's at the same stage! I have a little bit of cramp which I know is pretty normal but it's all totally freaking me out! I think after a few weeks I'll probably just get used to things. VERY exciting for you having baby number three - congratulations. They've given me a due date of 21 July but I guess that's pretty vague at the moment.
  • hi Mimsie and girl friday congratulations on ur pregnancies. I found out last week that im pregnant with my second. My son is now 6 months, so a bit of a shock it happened so soon. Im about 6+ weeks but not totally sure. Ive got to wait for an appointment for a scan to check my dates.
  • Thanks Hayley - congratulations too! I'm somewhere between 5 and 6 weeks I think... and my first.
  • Congratulations ladies!! It's really tough and the first 12 weeks seem really slow... the middle part where you feel well and lively go really quickly and then then end trimester where you are fearing the actual event go really slow again image Sods law isn't it!!! Good luck! Hope all goes well for you xx
  • Hi girls!! just wanted to say hi and welcome to the site Mimsie and Friday girl! Come and join us in the 'Due in July forum'! You 2 Hayley! Congrats on all your pregnancies! I'm due July 1st so I'll be 9 weeks on Tuesday. How is everyone feeling? Sarah x x x
  • Hello! Hope you enjoy being on here, I joined at 12 wks and find it really helpful. I'm now 17 weeks 6 days with my first. Came as a bit of a shock to say the least but I am really excited now and can't wait to feel my baby moving (nothin yet)

    Its impossible not to get excited in first 12 weeks and I too wanted to fast forward all the morning sickness and worry about miscarrying! I think the first 12 weeks are definitely the worst thing so far.

    Anyway congratulations I'm sure you'll be fine x x x

  • Hi - so good to hear from you all. I feel totally fine and not at all pregnant! Just a bit like I've got indigestion all the time... and I can't stand the thought of coffee which is a weird one. Bring on week 12! xx
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