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Im starting to panic a bit now-Im due on the 29th July and Im starting my maternity on the 18th July. I thought that would be fine, I have an office job and most of it is spent sat down at a desk, to be honest the hardest (physically) part of the job is walking there and back from the bus stop.
However, a lot of people are telling me Im leaving it a bit too late...its become a bit of a joke in the office that im going to give birth at work. Im not worried about that though-I just dont know if I'll have the energy I thought I would by that time (Im already getting tired all the time)
When I think about it ill be about 38weeks and 4 days when I you think thats a bit late?

When are you planning on leaving or did you leave in comparison to when your due? xxx;10051;28/st/20080729/dt/5/k/9e45/preg.png


  • Hiya

    I am due on July 10th and I plan to start my maternity leave on June 27th. I am a teacher and have the little ones so I am always on the go! People have made comments about me leaving it too late. I will be 38 weeks when I finish, but I see it as if I have to finish earlier then I have to finish earlier! But I hate the thought of being stuck at home for weeks at an end waiting for the baby, so I think this is my compromise. Hubby is happy with it - you can see the hospital from my classroom window and he knows I'm a round people who will look after me. Unlike if I was at home on my own.

    I am ignoring people because only I know how I feel.

    Good luck in whatever you decide to do.

  • I'm due 5th July and starting mat leave on 20 June but tbh I wish I'd said a week earlier just because 2 weeks seems so close to the Big Day. I am still full of energy and I don't want to spend too much time lounging around near the end but I am beginning to think I could have found plenty to do at home now - maybe it's just because I've been busying myself over this bank holiday and it's left me thinking of all the things I want to sort out before baby arrives!! ... (still the garden's looking fab now!)

  • Hi, I'm only 18 weeks but have this sorted!! I'm due 7th October and finishing work on 4 weeks leave starting 15th August. I'm just struggling a little with my health and have 2 big children on summer hols so an early finish seems right to me.
    They should change it for you if you feel you need some more time- just make sure you give them notice! xx
  • Hiya, I'm due 27th June, I'm a student and finish uni and move home in a couple of weeks, and am gonna go back to my holiday job which is workin in an office and not strenuous at all so am thinkin bout even workin rite up til i have lo, or if not will prob stop a week or 2 b4 think i'd go mental sittin round at home plus the extra money wil come in handy!
  • Im not due until 20th October but im starting my maternity leave the same day. I have 4 weeks holiday that im taking before. I can only afford to take 6 months off so i want to start my mat leave as late as possible
  • Hi im due on the 19th July but i've got 6 weeks annual holiday to take before i go on maternity leave or i lose my hol pay.
  • Hi im due on the 19th July but i've got 6 weeks annual holiday to take before i go on maternity leave or i lose my hol pay.
  • Hi im due on the 19th July but i've got 6 weeks annual holiday to take before i go on maternity leave or i lose my hol pay.
  • Hi im due on the 19th July but i've got 6 weeks annual holiday to take before i go on maternity leave or i lose my hol pay.
  • Hi, I think 38wks is fine but if u feel like u cnt cope wen u get closer to the time u cud always start ur leave a little earlier. Im due 2nd July, and i finish uni 20th May and then im leaving work on 9th june, ill be 36wks. I wud stay on longer but im a support worker so its quite a physical job and can be mentally straining as well. Also iv got a toddler so i wana spend loads of time with him before baby comes along. I think wen it cums to mat leave its each to their own. Kerry xxx

  • I'm due on 25th September and planning on finishing on 10th Sept. Taking 2weeks holiday before due date and then starting mat leave at 40wks. Like someone else said I can't really afford to be off work for too long so I want to start mat leave as late as possible so I can spend longer at home with baby when he/she arrives. S x
  • i'm due june 16th and i started maternity this week at 34 weeks. worked in office job but found it quite uncomfortable sat at desk all day and wanted to spend some quality time with my 5 yr old before this one turns up. Am actually bit bored already and sure i will go mad v soon!!!
  • With last babe I took 2 weeks holiday and started mat leave on due date but he was late anyway so it worked that I got a month at home before he actually showed up!
    It really depends on how you feel, what job you do, whether you have support etc but personally I want to work as long as poss to get the most time off with baby.
    Good Luck x
  • I'm due on 22nd July and my maternity leave starts on 30th June, but I'm taking 3 weeks annual leave before that so my last day is actually 6th June! xxxx

  • hi,

    im due july 23rd. my mat leave starts on june 22, but finishing work on 18th may, got 5 weeks annual leave to use before mat leave starts

    kerry xxx
  • Hello ladies,

    I'm due 31 May and don't start mat leave until 26. However, I finished work 23 April, to allow me to get annual leave out of the way.
    It's the best thing I could have done, I would never have survived this heat at my work and I am really appreciating some time off before lo gets here. If you can, give yourself a few weeks to enjoy some peace and quiet.
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