Hiccups ! !

How often has ur baby had hiccups?? Think mine has had them approx 4 times today already! I have heard of unborn babies getting hiccups but didn't realise they could get them so often in 1 day.

Is this amount normal??

Jules x x x


  • My bump gets hiccups at least once a day. Tbh I'm not sure how many time he gets them as they normally feel quite gentle due to the way he is lying. Millie used to get them all the time as well.
  • Hiya, I have just started noticing them the past few days, and baby has had them about 2 or 3 times a day! It's so funny, and feels weird too cos her head is down! I remember getting it with my first and couldn't believe how often she got them, but it's because they are surrounded by water and are constantly drinking it lol!
    Do you also find they are really close together too?xxxxx
  • my baby gets them alot too!probably a couple of times a day at the mo,it is funny!! hanna 38wks xx
  • My baby gets them as well. Just a few days ago, it happened 2/3 times. When i tell my hubby - he tells me to sip water!!!
    Kiran 38 Weeks
  • i am having the same thing and was going to post see if anyone else was having them!
    My lo has them 2/3 times a day for about 10 mins at a time only started about a week ago feels weird!!


  • Mine has them maybe once or twice a day but only for a few minutes!
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