any one 5 weeks pregnant???

Do anyone know what I can do to getbsome energy?!?! I am 5weeks pregnant should I be this tired? I Dnt remember this with my first pregnancy image


  • I'm 5+3 with my second baby, already got a gorgeous DD who is 10 months old. I had lots of nausea a few days after I ov'd which was exactly the same as with DD however last time it just continued to get worse til about 12 weeks whereas this time round it only lasted a week then totally stopped so I'm really nervous that something's wrong & that it might not work out but trying to stay positive. I'm also really really tired but that's about the only symptom I have now. Have had a few headaches & was having loads of crazy dreams which was also the same as when I was pg with DD but they've stopped now too. Keeping everything x that everything is ok. Congrats to you all too & wishing you all happy healthy pgs xxx
  • Hi everyone image

    I'll be 6 weeks on Monday and I don't see the Dr until April 11th so it is kind of wierd to think I really am preggers only going by the HPTs (and lots of them). From the day I got my BFP until last weeks I had really bad what I can call stretching pains in my uterus, felt swollen... My boobs have been sore off and on throughout and I feel SO pudgy and jiggly... I haven't gained any weight according to my scale but have gotten noticible thicker throught the middle. Could it be bloating? I honestly feel like I should diet but am really not eating any more than normal. Has anyone else felt like this??
  • Hi everyone, i am 5 weeks today and i feel ok but bloated and bitter taste in my mouth. This is my second one and i cant remember how i felt in d prvious one. I want to enjoy the feeling. Congrats everyone and safe delivery.Xx

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