How Much Water Before A Scan?

I have a scan at 1.20 this afternoon, and I want to make sure I have drunk enough water! I was thoroughly told off at my 12 week scan for not drinking enough, but I was fit to burst!

How much should I drink, and when? Obviously if I am drinking all morning, I will need to go the toilet, so what's the latest I should leave it?



15 + 1


  • For my early scans, I would always start drinking exactly 1 hour before and drink 1 pint. I overdid it a bit for my very first scan at 7 weeks and drank a pint and a half from an hour and a half before. The sonographer was running 15 mins late and I was fit to burst by the time I went in but on the plus side, I didn't need an internal and the pics are really clear. I would think at 15 weeks you could get away with about a pint starting an hour before but it really depends on how much it takes for your bladder to feel full and only you know that!

    Also, as I'm having twins, I was quite big from 18 weeks so stopped drinking anything after that. Now I make sure my bladder is well and truly empty before scans otherwise it's too uncomfortable image

    Good luck this afternoon xx

    Amy 25+4
  • I started drinking about an hour before my app - i drank about 3/4 of a carton of orange juice and nearly weed myself when she pressed down on my tummy lol


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