Is it moving?

I'm new to this site, I got married a couple of weeks ago and until now had been using the sister site, you and your wedding and someone suggested coming over to join you now that I'm pregnant! I'm 9 weeks pregnant with my second child, and it all seems to be going well except for the usual morning sickness and absolute exahustion!
I've been feeling like something is going on in there for the past week, I keep feeling what feels like the first kick! Like butterflies, quite tickly and just underneath my belly button. Do you think this could be the baby moving? I know it seems so early, but I just wondered maybe I'm more sensitive to it because I've been pregnant before?
This is probably a really silly question, but any advice much appreciated!
Carly xx


  • *waves*

    I'm a lurker at yayw and there are many of us here...

    I followed your wedding saga with you ex-bridemaid and I was only looking at your wedding pics last night, congrats on your wedding (you looked lovely) and congrats on being pregnant...

    I am 24+4 with no.2 (a boy) and have a 4 year old girl...

    I started to feel my peanut move just after 14 weeks, what felt like a bubble moving around my lower tummy...

    At nine weeks your uterus won't have popped out yet and it usually sits at a few centimetres below your belly button but your probably feeling things moving around, strectching and changing in readiness for your growing bump....unless your further ahead then you think you are!!!!

    There are no silly questions in pregnancy chick, ask away, we all do, lol!!!!

    good luck
  • Thankyou! Thats what it feels like, a bubble moving around. I actually weigh less now than I did before I was pregnant, but my shapes changed, I have a little bulge under my belly button, my husband (eek!) says it definitley wasnt there before and its a different shape to the rest of me! I keep thinking maybe I'm further along than I thought because my morning sickess started very early on too, but I dont see how its possible? My last period was 25th of november (sorry tmi!). I'm having my dating scan some time in the next week so hopefuly will find out then! Thankyou for your reply, its not just me being mad!
  • It could well be as this is your second pregnancy you have popped earlier....

    Unless it's TWINS!!!!!!

    he he he..... do they run in your family?
  • They do actually! and in my husbands. There hasnt been any for a couple of generations now though.
  • Ohhhhhhh.....

    Apparently it's quite common for twins to skip generations!!!

    he he he......I would have loved to have twins

  • I really hope it isnt! As lovely as it would be I think I'd struggle with twins and a 4 year old!
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