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  • hey hun,

    US and our man problems lol I'm glad to hear its working out image its slowly getting there with me and my hubby too but these things take time.

    Keep us informed of how it goes.

  • Babe,
    Am soooo pleased its working out for you.

    Standing up for yourself is obviously the right thing to do when these alien things called men forget how much they need us lol.

    I know how much you love little Demi so that is fantastic news - have you got any little treats planned?

    I have had the same problems getting on the site - god did I miss it yesterday! Was having a really crappy day and just wanted to get on here and it wouldnt let me on. The relief when I got on today - well, maybe have found new addiction to replace my no smoking (as from tomorrow - yeah) lol.

    Always here babe (well when can logon!!!)! If not are you on Facebook - a few of us have got together on there for! If you are - I am Lee Sargeant on Manchester Network, piccy shows me on honeymoon in a yellow room wearing a black top!
    Love Lee
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  • Hi Sarah,

    I'm so pleased to hear that things are working out for you.
    Have fun with your step-daughter it'll be great practice for you & your LO!

    Lauren (32+1) xx
  • Hopefully things will be on the up from now on. My hubby is just odd thats all lol he said he feels that because I am more intelligent than him (apparently) he feels inferior and therefore reverts back to child like behaviour to get my attention so it almost becomes a mother and son situation rather than husband and wife. We are trying to work round that and I am trying not to be so over powering and he is attempting to control his temper and childishness (if thats a word lol) but we will see. Only time will tell.

    How are you feel in yourself? hows bump?

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  • by the way im on facebok as sarah burke in london network.
  • There were a few Sarah Burkes! Which one are you? Will try to find you and add but am pretty new to facebook - might take a while lol

    CazA are you on there?

    Love Lee
  • Hi sweetie, glad your back with us and back with oh. Us girls have just got to stand up to our men and let them know what we will and what we will not stand for.
    Glad you and Caza are getting sorted.
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