whats does fpf menas in terms of presentation!!

hiya does anyone know what fpf stands for? its presentation just curious lol cant find it anywhere! xxxx


  • Hi! Really not sure what it means. Looks like other people are struggling too. Sorry! I hope someone is able to help you. Take Care XXX
  • thanks rachel sarah, im jus curious! xx
  • I think it may mean fetal presentation felt. I know for sure the 2 fs mean fetal and felt, its just the p! How many weeks are you? As normally in presentation they write wether baby is head down (ceph) or breech but maybe if you are not that far ahead she may just have written in that she fely babies presentation?

    Hope this helps xx
  • i had a quick look at my notes and the nearest i could get was fmf which was just fetal movements felt. on my presentation it has rsa and loa. so nothing near sorry
  • It says 'ceph' on mine, all I know is that means head down! x
  • thanks for all replys, when i went before at hosp it was ceph, i know that one but nt the fpf one lol its soo confusing xx
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