Stitches and Muscle Pain!!

Hey girlies

Im just curious to know if everyone gets stitches when they walk. Its mainly later in the day, i guess when im more tired but since ive got bigger its nearly all the time now. It feels like a stitch, sometimes its wind pain and alot of the time i have a pain in my right lower side which i am pretty sure is muscle pain as once i start to move around it goes. So annoying though!! sometimes i miss my train because i have a stitch and cant walk fast!

Be good to know im not the only one - its only started since im been showing.

Anna xxx

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  • yea i usually get that if im walking 4 long or as even as far as the bus stop like i tink its jus wat eva way the babys sitting wen i get this i jus stop 4 a min nd try t get her to move doesntt all ways wor but most of the time it duz good luk!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Hi,

    I get this too, it starts pretty much as soon as I walk! very frustrating!

    I'm seeing my mw monday so I'm going to mention it to her, but from reading other posts on here in the past- it seems quite common!

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