I am 11 weeks today, and have had to go and buy new bras. Normally a FF, Bravissimo have put me in a GG/H. Normally, I have no problems at all wearing bras, but these new ones leave me with big red sores under my boobs. This can't be right can it?

Also, they have put me in the not-so-attractive nursing bras, after the initial novelty wore off :roll: I really want something pretty. Do I have to wear nursing bras so early?

Also, can someone recommend somewhere else for nice soft cup bras?


  • u don't have to get nursing bras yet if u don't want to, i hav't yet!
    try simply or evans for some lovely bras.


  • Hi Cate.
    This bra thing is not great for us big boobed girls. I am now in a G/ GG and have struggled to find anything comfortable all the way through my pregnancy. I am 28w now and have spend about ??200 on different options as everthing was killing me. I tried normal underwired bras but they hurt just as much. What I have gone for now is a really soft cup bra , more like a crop top from a company called "Noppies" which give some support but are not uncomfortable ( i was spending a lot of time braless!) . The problem with anything pretty is actually, without an underwire, big boobs just don't look that pretty!
  • You dcon't need nursing bras yet, just support bras. I was told to be remeasured about 2 weeks before expected due date for nursing bras as you'll only gorw again later on.
    Hope you can find something comfy to wear
  • Thanks! I might try noppies, and am going back to Bravissimo on Monday, one of the new bras is broken already! Hook and Eye snapped right out. Humph.
  • I too have massive boobs, and I must admit that I still wear my underwired bras half of the time as I find soft cup bras so uncomfortable. I did however, find some gorgeous stuff from Hot Milk, its really expensive though so I looked on ebay and managed to get 2 brand new bras in a 36 GG for ??40!!!

    Naomi xx
  • Not sure why they put you in nursing bras, like the others said i would think support bra's would be better for you. I just got measured for my nursing bra's at mothercare last week as the woman there said they won't do it until at least 37 weeks for proper fit. :\)

    Suzi 38+5 xxx
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