No Movement :-(


This is my 2nd pregnany...I'm 14+4 and still not felt baby move...have had no blood loss, or pains....did have a scan at 5+2 to make sure everything was ok and it was....I'm so worried that the little bub has died inside me, I'm preparing myself for the worst for my scan on friday....

Any advice girls? xxx:cry:


  • Hun during most pregnancies you won't feel anything until at least 18 weeks so I really wouldn't worry.

    I didn't feel lo move until 22 weeks, so try not to stress yourself out as you have plenty of time to feel bubby move.

  • I didn't feel mine until after 23/24 weeks. I've got an anterior placenta too x
  • hi try not to worry hun im sure everything is ok its not unusual to not feel baby until 20 weeks! x
  • I'm sure everything is fine. I felt Millie moving at 16 weeks, this time round I didn't feel a thing untill 20, it just depends how the baby is laid.
  • Hi hun. Try not to worry (although I know thats easier said than done). Some women just dont have any pregnancy symptoms. I didnt feel this baby move until 15 weeks and that was only very very faint flutters. I have an anterior placenta too which makes it even harder to feel movement, I'm 21 weeks now and still dont feel much. I'm sure everything will be fine with your scan.
  • hiya i've had no pregnancy symptoms at all and i'm over 21 weeks now!- am loving it though!!! i didn't feel millie til 18 weeks but that wasn't very much movement now i feel her much stronger. i'm guessing u r worrying cos this is ur 2nd and u must have felt ur first earlier?? cos most dont feel anything til 18-22 weeks. and ur placenta maybe in the way anyway. dont worry everthing will be fine xx
    princess+millie 21+3
  • Hi i think if you are really feeling like that then maybe you should contact midwife and explain they will prob see you and listen to heart beat. This is my 3rd baby and didn't feel anything til around 16 weeks so i know its hard but try not to worry . Take care x
    EDD 4/July
  • hi try not to worry i am 17 wks and not felt baby yet most dont till around 18. just try to relax and not worry xx
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