i need help with this one girls.....

the last few days i have been feeling alot of pressure lower down it feels like the baby is really far down,
she is also kicking like mad and it often feels like she is kicking my cervix (not sure if this is poss but thats what it feels like) it can hurt sometimes!!

it honestly feels like she is going to drop out she is so low down...........
im 29+5 so still have about 10 weeks left

do u girls think she will come early?? or is this normal????


  • Hi i'm feeling the same as you and have been for a couple of weeks this is my second child so didnt feel this with the first ive been convinced i'm going into labour already and im soooo scared i might if im feeling the same its like a dragging feeling in your pelvis i keep telling everyone it feels like baby will fall out, i have a scan on wed so im going to ask about it what is your email and when i have spoken to them i will let u know what they say! if that helps have u had a show or anything like that Sophie 31+6 xx

  • oh please email me thats exactly how i feel!!!!
    [email protected]
    thank you!!!
  • Hi

    I have had this with my 3rd pg and also with this one from around 14 weeks. It can be due to pressure simply from where the baby is laying - in my case it is exacerbated by the extreme varicose veins I have 'down below' eugh!

    It really doesn't mean you're in labour or going to go into early labour - but the pressure will probably stay like this until you give birth. It's hard work isn't it? The only relief I get is when I lay down with my feet up, so good excuse....!!
  • Hi
    I had this too and after checks they said it's just the way to baby is laying and it will move!
    Feels horrid though eh? Sometimes I just just to stop and clamp my legs together coz I thought the baby would 'fall out'! I went 2 weeks over in the end so baby certainly didn't come early. Don't worry too much!
  • i am only 20 weeks and my baby feels like its kicking my lady bits its rather awkward when im out cos i get like an electric shock and if the baby is being really active i have to try walk straight i am going for my scan on 12th march so going to ask if baby low cos thats what it feels like x
  • Hi girls,
    I felt like that around the 34/35 week, I am now 37+5, and my dearest lo has moved back upwards, he was even engaged 2/5th at one point. Ive come to the conclulion they will arrive when they want and not when we want! god bless our little bundles
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