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Are these positive?

Hey ladies! Please help. My periods are all over the place,it's not unusual for me to go a few months without one. Anyway,2 weeks ago when I went to the toilet I had a sharp pain in my pelvis and when I wiped there was pink discharge,this carried on for 2 days. Me and my husband are trying for a baby so I was hopeful it was implantation. This week o have done 3 tests,2 I'm sure are positive except one of them had a pencil thin line instead of a thick one. 1 is clearly negative but have heard the brand (clearblue) don't really pick up hormones if not strong enough. I have pregnancy symptoms. I'm nauseous in the morning and evening,have gone off sweet stuff,lower back ache,fatigue,nipples are darker and really sensitive. Have Drs next week but just wondered of anyone could help with these tests? image


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