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Does anyone know "roughly" how much weight your mean to gain when?? I've heard that some people have put on about 3 or 4 stone during pregnancy but at what stages? I'm 24 weeks and have put on a stone....want to know if this is normal or if I'm eating too much! x

BTW- I was 12 stone at the start of the pregnancy and I'm normally a size 14. Don't know if it matters what size you are to begin with....?

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  • when Im pregnant, I actually eat better than when im not so I never tend to gain a lot of weight. In my first pregnancy I gained less than 2 stone by the time I was 41 +5 9 (I was overdue) and 7lb 15oz was baby.

    I am now just over 15 weeks and I am a stone lighter than before I was pregnant. I dont think that you putting on a stone is a lot. You are over half way after all. If you were at my stage and had gained a stone then maybe it would be that you were eating a bit too much!

    I dont think you have anything to worry about.

    when people say 'you have to eat for two' I think its nonsense. Your body just takes what it needs from what you eat. The baby isnt eating 'food' so why on earth would you need to to eat double?

    I think some people are just unlucky with lots of weight gain or just eating too much. I am plus size and can gain weight at the drop of a hat when im not pregant, but when im pregnant I dont get much.

    figure that one out!!


  • sorry, I dont 'gain' much! lol
  • well i put on quite alot, 4 stone with tegan, went from 8 stone to just over 12stone and this time ive gone from 9 stone to 11 stone and im 26 weeks, so have put on 2 stone so far, im sure your meant to put on 2 stone throughout the whole pregnancy. nevermind tho, im sure it will drop off me...hopefully xx
  • I'm 21+5 and have put on 1st 3lbs! I was 9st 11.2 before I fell pregnant and a size 12. Ideally I don't want to put on more than another stone but I'm expecting to gain the most weight in my third trimester. x
  • Hi ya, I was worried that I hadn't put on enough weight as my pregnancy book said that by 26 weeks the average woman has put on 1 stone and I'm 29+5 and have only put on 1/2 stone but I asked the MW and she said not too worry about it.

    She reckoned that some women put on loads whilst others lose weight whilst pregnant and that she would ignore anything to do with weight unless someone was either incredibly under or overweight at original booking in appointment.

    I wouldn't worry too much! xxx
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