I feel wierd!! advice please???

Hi ladies,

I've been getting pains for the past few days, very low down in the middle of my tummy just above my pubic bone and some strange pains between my legs which i've read on here can be your cervix softening!
But now for the past few hours i've been very uncomfortable doesnt really feel like braxtons, feels more internal (if that makes sense) normally with braxtons my tum goes like a drum but this feels like my insides are being squeezed! Tummy feels very hard but there is some spring in it!!

I saw midwife on weds and baby was head down but not engaged, so chances are it not the real thing????
I'm 34+5 is it just braxtons??

(sorry if this doesn't make sense but its hard to describe!)


  • Hi Sam,
    I'm 36 weeks and have been having all kinds of weird feelings, some that I think are Braxton hicks and others I am not sure! But unless the feeling is happening on a regular basis and getting closer together then I wouldn't worry its probably your body getting ready for the baby and the baby moving down lower.

    If in doubt give your midwife a call.

    Liz x
  • Thanks Liz,
    Its getting stronger and stomach is very tight now, will start timing them and see how i go, sure your right prob just braxtons!!

    Samantha x
  • Sounds exciting though! You never know! =)

    Let me know how you get on, maybe take a bath and see if that eases it at all.

    L x
  • well contractions started at 6 mins apart and then they went down to 3 mins apart went on til 1am! was really starting to think it was the real thing! but no baby yet!!!
  • Hiya samantha
    Well I woke up this morning with the same felt strange belly being getting tight and had the most painfull pains if they are only braxton hicks then god help me when its for real cause I have to double over sometime they have been on and off all day
  • Me too, i have been woken up the past few nites with pains across my belly and its double me over - had to get out of bed and try walk them off - pretty painfull, i mentioned it to my fiance and we both think it could be braxton hicks as its only happened a few times each day x
  • Pains haven't really settled down, they aren't so bad that i'm doubled over anymore though!! just can't seems to stay wake today, i went to bed at 11pm sat night slept until 11am today then went back to bed at 1:30 today!
    I want to sleep now but i have ababy in my ribs!!!!! doesn't move when i push him anymore, guess he's run out of space bless him!!

    Samantha 35wks
  • hi samantha when i was in labour the real biggie for me was the tiredness on that day before it all started i slept all night and was just sooooo exhausted that day so decided to get myself dressed and go to the pub with my family but was there an hour if that when my contractions started i also got the weird feeling down there like where my cervix was like having a smear test? good luck keep us posted xx
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