good job i moan u know

I had a MW appointment today and I mentioned that I had my appointment with the anethitist in June but hadn't had one for my Back specialist.
Now, as oong as it sounds away I see my Ob Gyne in July, and I will then be told when Grace will be delivered, so my MW checked up on the sysytem.

The referal had been sent to the wrong dept.
The Ob Gyne ( who I took an instant dislike to anyway) hadn't listened to who I told him I saw and had sent the referal to Orthepedics rather than The Arthritis dept.

So she phoned them direct and asked for a note to be put on the system saying I needed to see him before the 4th July or there is no point in me going at all.

It was a blooody good job I moaned about not havig heard anything or we would havve carried on waiting.

On a brighter note, I had bump measured today for the first time I am at 25cm so I am dead on and Grace was a good girl and sta still for her to be listened to.

Oh and she kicked Jake in the face last night when he was saying good night before he went lol.
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