normal symptoms?

hi ladies

iv not had many symtoms since about 8.5weeks, the only symtoms that have continued are, weeing in the night, change in apitite, tiredness...i have noticed that im bloated and tummy feels quite hard at night, and if i sneeze i get a tight pulling sensation in lower abdoman, is this normal? or if i turn a certain way i get the pulling/tight feeling in the same boobs stopped hurting weeks ago although they sometimes feel hard.

ashy 11+1


  • Hi Ashy
    Don't worry! No pregnancy is the same, so everything is normal! And stop turning the way that gives the funny feeling!! If anything was wrong you would know without doubt. You're just having an easy pregnancy - sit back and enjoy the easy ride! The hard work really starts soon....! x
  • Hi Ashy,

    I hardly had any symptoms either and got myself into a right state worrying about it. I know you will be worrying even more after your mmc but you've already had a scan so try to take reassurance from that. I'm sure everything will be ok.

    Do you have a date for your next one now too? It can't be long now :\)

    Bec 31 weeks today x
  • hi goonie!

    yes my 12 week scan is on weds! im soooo nervous! i should be exactly 12 weeks so fingers crossed. how are you doing?

    ashy 11+2 xx
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