I no this topic is posted on here alot and im normally the person saying "dnt worry about weight, ur creating life, blah blah blah". But after getting on the scales this morning i realised that i weight i massive 14stone, ahhh! I find this really upsetting coz iv not really put weight on anywhere my face hasnt gone chubby, my legs are the same, i literally look like the same person just with a football stuck up my top. I havent even had any swelling. I was a size 14before a fell pregnant and im still a fourteen so i really can't understand it, does anyone have any words of wisdom or advise, coz im feeling quite down now. Kerry xxx


  • Hi Kerry, I'm the same. Don't seem to look much different but the weight gain is telling me otherwise. I know I've put a little bit on my face, arms, bum and legs - but nothing major - I'm like you, beachball up my jumper. I've got 5 DAYS left (ah!) and I weighed myself yesterday and have put on 2 and a half stone, which I know is normal but all I can think about is shifting it as quick as I can x
  • Hi I have put some on elsewhere I would say, but have gone from 10stone 10lbs to 13stone 3lbs and 8 weeks left to go! Opps, I am what you would call big boned though because I am only a size 10-12 at 10stone 10 but am now wearing size 14 maternity opps again!

    I think if its all belly Kerry you should shift it well, its excess thats hard to move, arse and hips etc.
  • I am 27+1 and have gone from 8stone 5 to 9stone 13 already! 21lbs weight gain!

    Ive put on a little flubber on my legs and have developed love handles at the hips but im basically ALL BUMP - its like a football.

    Im still squeezing in my size 8 jeans with the help of a hairbobble but yesterday i tried a size 10 trousers on in asda and they wouldnt go anywhere near my bump - i guess its cos ive been wearing and stretching the jeans so long image

    Still got 13 weeks to go and im dreading fighting the flab when LO arrives not to mention stretchmarks and tearing!!!!! image

    Kerrymc - If it helps my mum was 7 and a half stone when she fell PG the first time and went up to 12 and a half stone - 5 stone weight gain in total.

    She left the hospital the day after having me back in her size 8 pre pregnancy trousers.

    It was all water and she was HUGE!

    She had 4 kids and gained 5 stone with each - still doenst make me feel any better knowing il probably be the same xxxx
  • Ive put it on everywhere, i refuse to weigh myself because i'll just get upset, so im not thinking about it until ive had the baby. I'll be on a really strict diet then though.
  • Thanks girls i know i shouldnt be worrying about weight while im pregnant and i think people wud really be shocked to know how much weight iv put on considering it is all just bump. I just dnt think i was prepared to see that little needle to up to 14st and like u guys i dnt think ill be going anywhere near the scales for these last 5wks.

    I dnt wana start obsessing over my weight but it has really made me think about what im eating, although over these last few weeks iv hardly had an appitite and my morning sickness seems to have come back over these past few days, so maybe that will slow my weight gain down. Thanks agen girls uv put my mind at rest a little. Kerry xxx
  • I look like you've put a football up my top and from the back you can't tell I'm pregnant. I had put on a stone last time I weighed myself and have now put the scales away and dare not weigh myself!

  • Kerry I am exactly the same I have put on nearly 4 and a half stone but not gone up a dress size just look like a have a huge watermelon up my jumper - it's insane!
  • Three words for you - Water Water Water!! Think how heavy a bucket of water is?!! image It'll drop off before you know it xxx
  • Ur defo right Jam Donut about water been really heavy and im glad to hear im not the only one C+BB who is piling on the weight without actually getting fatter (if that made any sense). Kerry xxx

  • Hi hun, I have weighed myself and out on 3 and a half stone yet put no obvious weight on anywhere else and it looks all bump.

    I discussed it with midwive and consultant and its all down to the amount of fluid I am carrying as carrying large amounts of fluid is heavy. Jam donut is completely right about the water.

    Hope this helps, I am trying not to worry about it but is difficult. xx

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