Risk assessments in a dementia unit!!

hi girls.

i work in a dementia unit i deputise and run the unit when my boss goes home at 5pm(i work 745am-8pm) now my big boss so to speak is aware im PG as is my Lead clinical nurse and my care team manager,they have talked about i need a risk assessment etc but not done it yet.
yestaerday we had a new admission and he got into a ruckas with an existing client,i without thinking about it stepped in and seperated them!!
i filled out all the papaerwork and it was given to my big boss this am at ahandover im not back on duty till today,im hoping i get called over to have this risk assessment done asap!!

has anyone else experienced this?any advice?



  • Hi hun. I dont work in a dementia unit but am a cp social worker. I had a risk assessment done as soon as i told my boss i was pg- quite early on as i was so ill. And they did make some adjustments to my work. Its in your best interests to ask for this to be done asap. Its so hard with some jobs though to stay away from certain situations that might put you at risk. Lisa 15+5
  • thanks ill ask to speak to them again today i think especially after last night!

    we are a very small unit tho,only 20 beds but we are attatched to a nursing and respite wing with very few early dementia patients but 56 beds,i dont want to be moved over there!


  • I would have a word I work as a receptionist and sit on my own out here so I am actually having one done today at 4pm as I deal with people all day long.

    They should have done it sooner for me really but my job is not that bad it's more in my role I have to lift things and so on.

    K xx
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