1cm dialated?

Ok MW told me last night i am 1cm dialated, does this mean my baby going to come any time soon? My plug also came away this morning! xx


  • could do hunni! guess you'll have to wait and see what happens, having any pains?

    33wks today
  • I was in hospital last night with what i thought was contractions but was just cos i had necked 60ml of caster oil!!! i have not had any pains since i got back home at 4a.m. i have MW tomorrow so hoping i get a sweep! x
  • hi,
    i was 1cm dilated for a week in my last pregnancy until anything happened x
  • MW said to expect baby to come in the next day or 2. But i have a feeling its going to take longer than that! x
  • love everyone is so diffrent it could happen right away or still take a good while 1cm does sound excitting but it's really such a small amount still in the stages of preparing for labour really! x
  • could do! If you've already had a baby its not unusual for you to be dialated 1cm from the start of your pregnancy but if its your first it could be a sign things are starting!
  • this is my 2nd child but im not sure if i could class it a smy first as i had a planned c-section with my 1st so i didnt even dialate or have labour pains or anything! x
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