can anyone tell me when you can hear the heart beat?

hey everyone, i am new to this site, i only joined today but i was just wondering if anyone could tell me when you can hear the babies heart beat when u visit the midwifes? im going on monday but will only be 10 weeks with my second child so not sure if it will still be too early? i cant remember when i had my first over three years ago.



  • hi we didn't hear our baby's heartbeat until 16weeks on the doctor's doppler, but did hear at 12+3 via the ultrasound and then a few days later at 12+6 the gp cldn't find it with his doppler. i have heard that some ppl are lucky and it is possible to hear from 10/11 weeks but i don't think this happens particularly often.


  • I first heard my babys heartbeat at 12 weeks, its an amazing sound, it put a smile on my face all day.
  • I have just hear the heartbeat for the first time at my 15 wk mw appt (some have this at 16wks) and it was fab! They don't attempt to listen to it before that as it is difficult to find and they don't like to worry you x

    I have known some people to hear it from 10/11 ob the home dopplers though x

    Tara 15+1
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