Advice after a painful night

Hi girls
What an awful night, it started with pain in my lower back yesterday after picking my son up from school. By 7pm my lower back pain were worse n my tummy was so painful, i was sick part of plug came away again too n i felt awful. Went in the bath and by 9pm pains were unbearable so i went to bed, with a bean bag n my pregnancy pillow pains worsened n came more frequent, happened till 3am and now this morning eased off a little, does this sounds like contractions, i know i should know after having my son, but i dont remember anything except the actually pushing part. any advice xx
29 days to go


  • Sorry hun, I dont really have a clue...but didnt wanna read and run.
    Ring the hospital and tell them what you've just told us and see what they say;10051;28/st/20080729/dt/5/k/9e45/preg.png

  • Hi Tracey, sorry I haven't got any advice on this. Can you ring your Midwife for advice and support? X x
  • hi. it sounds like to me that your body is getting ready for labour, especially as you have mentioned that your plug has started to come away. this means your cervix is starting to change. i have had 5 babies and can't always remember what to expect and what should be happeneing at certain stages. take care. and good
  • It certainly sounds like something is happening to me, maybe give your mw a ring and get checked over just to see whats going on. good luck hun. xx
  • It sounds like what happened to me just before my waters broke, I would ring your MW to see if they can get you checked out. Good Luck huni, hope its the start
  • thanks girls, ive just had a bath, feeling really sick but gonna try and have a walk somewhere to see if that helps a little xxx fingers crossed, my OH is so excited, wants to meet our little princess now and i do as well lol xxx
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