Top tips to new mums to be

Hi, Just thought a post would be helpful from anyone who is having their second (third, or more!) baby to any first time mums to be.

This post is for your number 1 top tip, I've got loads of tips but have narrowed it down to what i think is the best tip i was given, thought others might like to leave their top tip as wel

My top tip is to buy some 'lounge wear' really comfy track suit bottoms, tee and top (Avon do some lovely things but for value (and the more you have the better, sick gets everywhere) i think primark do some great ones) anyway when babe arrives go to bed in your comfy track suit then at 3pm the next day when you have to answer the door to friends/midwife/health visitor/postman etc no one will know that your still in your pjs. You feel more human talking to someone when your wearing a tracksuit than you do in a pink fluffy dressing gown. Any one else got any fab tips? xxDBxx



  • My top tip is Muslin squares!!!! I found them invaluable. They're extremely versatile, can be used anywhere, better than bibs a lot of the time, not hugely expensive so if they get too stained etc, you don't mind throwing one away!!!
  • try to space visitors, esp with DD every one turned up in a 3 day period when I got home, I was exsusted, then after 3 days I was all on my own (well I had DH at home) it would have been nice to see people on their own, at one point ALL my mugs were in use and didn't really get time with each of them and DD was passed one to another, which probaby didn't help her gastric refux!
  • oh yes, one more, by more sanitary towels than you think you will ever need, both me and DH had flu so were house bound for about 3 weeks (we were very run down) and the only person we could get hold of was FIL, who very kindly trotted off to boots, but did suggest buy loads more next time!
  • Dont put too much pressure on yourself to have EVERYTHING done and dont be afraid to ask for help.

    Just take each day as it comes and enjoy each early moment without worrying about the washing.

    God I should listen to myself, I bet I am still doing the opposite lol!!


  • This is a great thread, thanks DB! Keep the tips coming ladies. I'm a first time mum-to-be and I'm going to need all the help I can get!! xxxx

  • In those first few weeks you'll feel good without all that extra weight-however.... STOP and rest, sleep when baby sleeps if you can.

    Because eventually it 'bites you on the bum!' and your so tired-by this time everyone's back at work and you need to do it!!

    Lydia xx
  • This is a fansatic post but can I ask how did you feel when you first had the baby? Did you mind people holding it? did you mind all the visitors? I'm also a first timer at at the min. I just feel like I don't want people coming in each day. Wanting to hold my baby, telling me what it was like in there day, telling me how they think i should do this and that. I just want to do things my way. I like to be in control and I'm quite independent from my family. At the same time I'm slightly nervous cos i've never looked after a baby on my own before. I will have hubby and obv don't mind him holding the baby etc. I just don't want other coming in and taking over. is this normal or do you think I have issues?? or will I change once I've had him? sorry for all my questions its been on my mind a while. x
  • I think it's normal but will probably change!!
    One thing I am considering this time is being completely honest and open with people from very early.

    I am considering telling people from about 3 weeks before the baby is due that though I would love people round I also want time with my hubby, baby and other children. Will try and restrict visits to either morning or afternoons keeping the other half of the day to the family!!

    It's probably wishful thinking but I'm hoping if I try to let people know this they may at least attempt to warn me when they are coming over!!
    Lydia xx
  • Spedshaw lol about you mil issues!! when I was typing it I had one person in mind my MIL. I too have issues with MIL shes lovely honestly a heart of gold but she can be so interfering and at times drives me up the wall!!! lol. The other week she told me how she'll keep an eye on my for PND. I felt like turning round and saying that what health vistors for and if I wanted you to keep an eye on me I'd ask!!! grrrr just the thought I can feel my bp rissing. I dont even have a family history of depression. anyway I must stop being a b!tch towards her. x
  • This is hard narrowing it down, but my top tip would be to keep a large basket or something to hand for those times where you just do not have the energy to tidy up or clean but you have visitors or are sick and tired of looking at mess - throw everything into the basket and put the basket into a bedroom to be dealt with (preferably by oh!) later on.
  • loving the basket idea... something i'm currently using now.. haha will need something bigger on wheels i'm thinking! lol like a wheel barrow?
  • I agree with all these tips! expecially about spacing out visitors, i was exhausted after the first few days. Try and get as much rest in the first couple of weeks after the birth(sleep when ever baby sleeps) If you get run down its no good for the baby!
    My personal own top tip would be to have a breast pump on hand if your bf. I bf my son and when i got to about day 3 after birth, my boobs where so big my baby couldnt latch on(they were solid) i tried to express myself but without much luck. I ended up crying my eyes out, i felt so uncomfortable! Anyway some people wont have needed this but i definately did. i've already got my breast pump on hand!!! pack a bag for you oh to take to hospital as well, i was in labour for over 2 days and my oh couldnt go home. So take some clean clothes just in case. x
  • i found the baby sleeping bags great with my 1st as she used to wake in the night cuz she kicked off her blankets!another tip is do loads of cooking and freeze.I have just started doin some casseroles n chilli n freezing it as im sure my hubbie n daughter would be living on beans on toast while im in hospital!!
  • don't take the tags off of any clothes baby gets straight away leave it until u use them cause the likely hood is baby will be out of them b4 they put them on- then u can return/exchange them.

    Don't be a shocked at the smell of the umbilical cord as it dries up- yes it stinks like brocalli u don't have a smelly baby! if it smell really bad...*lilac gags at the memory*....put some talc around it and on the outside of the vest as it will disguise it.

    Most importantly relax and enjoy ur baby time will fly by!
  • with visitors iv told everyone that when we get home its only my parents and oh parents that are to come round. otherwise il have his sis and her three kids runnin riot and the rest of the family and i could do without that. and also its a special time when you come home and i dont wanna be stressed. so dont be afraid to say no visitors for a few days plz i will ring when you can come round!lol!x
  • so so many tips to offer but just a few....
    i am a very unmaternal control freak who has been shocked to the core at what hard work a baby is so...

    1. do what YOU think/want with the baby. Everyone has advice. Partic inlaws who have advice that is 30 yrs outdated! Smile and say thankyou for their thoughts but things are different now and you want to do things your way.

    2. Start a bedtime routine from day 1. ( I know lots of people will say don't though!) Do your last evening feed (7pm ish?_) in the dark in baby's room or wherever baby is sleeping. It helps them understand night/day. During night feeds don't interact with baby or turn lights on fully. See, told you i am a control freak!! but i do have a 13 wk old who in a few weeks started sleeping when put down at 6/7 until 10pm leaving our evenings free.
  • Sounds amazing! How many times do they need feeds through the night? (first time, not a clue)
  • What a great post.
    In some ways i agree with the spacing out of visitors, although we did the reverse we had an open weekend were everyone could come and go but if our dd was sleeping no one could pick her up out of the moses basket, this worked for us.
    I had no isses with anyone as long as they were clean holding our daughter i think this was because my ex sil was a complete bitch and would let no one hold her children.
    My best tip would be to take a boys and a girls outfit into hospital with you for the bounty photograph (this was my mums idea) and our photo is beautiful as you can imagine babys look like baby's you really cant tell the sex of them when wearing white. All shops take clothes back, agree with lilac dont take the tags off the clothes as you will be amazed how much stuff goes back for the next size.

  • Fantastic post, some great tips, but will i remeber them all!!
    Am a first time mum and as i get bigger im feeling more and more overwhelmed with all the information on offer.
    Parents, inlaws, friends, and the internet. Its nearly 6 months for me and i am scared, to say the least.

    So thanks for the help, and great advice, i guess when you have your baby in your arms you forget all the stress and worry!!!

    I'm sure its gonna be worth it!!
  • My one top tip is stock up on lots infacol drops - we got through loads with our two. Was invaluable....
    Think we should have got shares in them amount we bought! LOL
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