SPD and TENS machine?

Hi all
Just after some advice please. I am really struggling to cope with SPD symptoms at the mo. It has now moved into my hips as well as being all across lower back and front of pelvis. Last night I couldn't sleep as there was no part of me that was not painful to lean on! - even with all the millions of support pillows I'm trying to use!
What I was wondering is if anyone has tried TENS machine to alleviete SPD symptoms? Mine arrived this morning ready for me to use in labour (so it is a proper obstetrics one) but it says not to use before 37 weeks preg. I am 36 weeks today and am wondering whether to give it a go or if I will do more harm than good. Just wondering what anyone else's experiences are?
Thanks for any help
Mrs S
36 weeks xx


  • Hi there, I started using my tens at 36 weeks after asking my obstertrician who said it was fine. I also have spd and find that the tens definitely helps with the back pain and pelvic pain around my back, but not really with the pubic pain.. I guess it probably depends where you put the pads but not sure where you would with spd?! I know how you feel though, I'm 37 weeks today and it's soo painful..hope you get some relief.xx
  • Hello,
    The only reason that they say wait until 37 weeks, is that there is a TINY chance that using a TENS can bring on labour. So you'd be fine to use it now, as even if it did start something, your LO would be fine to come at 36 weeks.
    Good Luck
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