i went to the docs today and i've been signed off with depression. I hate feeling like this and its not like me - im normally happy, bubbly but at the moment I feel like im in a black hole and can't get out, constantly crying and just feel completely spaced out. I started bleeding about a week and half a go and have been since, had an early scan but need to go back next thursday - it's because of this that im so down! I just feel like my body is playing mind games. I start to feel positive then i begin to bleed again and until i get some answers from the scan i just don't know what to think or feel! im just so sad!


  • Awwww hun! When you see that tiny baby on the scan soon you will feel so much better. As long as u arent bleeding heavily, I am sure he is fine in there - just having fun scaring the crap outta you like mine did!
    My best advice is to try and forget about pregnancy altogether. Forget about being pregnant, forget about miscarrying and most of all DO NOT look anything up on the internet. Spend some quality time with urself and OH and just spend time doing things that make you feel happy! For me it was always watching dvds I'd seen a thousand times, took my mind off it xxx
  • oh funky i can't imagine what u r going through it must be awful for u having to wait for the next scan not knowing what the outcome will be, u just want to know don't u one way or the other. all i can say is that at the last scan u had a heartbeat and u were bleeding at the time, or had been i gather ur cervix was still closed which is a good sign. and the fact that u had a heartbeat the chance of a m/c goes down to 3%! so there isn't that much chance that u r going to m/c. it is hard once u lose ur positivity but u have to try and get it back there have been loads of girls on here that have had bleeding in the early stages and some all throughout their pregnancys. could u maybe go back for a scan after a week? instead of the 2 week wait? maybe try and see?as the baby would have grown in a week.if u want to talk and are on msn my address is [email protected] i'll be here any time for u xxx
  • oh hun, i am sure everything will work out fine. Remember we are all here if you want to talk. Feel free to let it all out. Just relax and I know its hard but try not to stress as its not good for you or your little bean. Next Thur will come soon enought. When I had to wait 2 weeks to see if my bean had grown it felt like forever and I just wanted to curl up in bed and sleep until the scan day came.
  • Thankyou, im such a mess - started crying after reading your kind messages. Gonna take a little break from the site but will be back soon with an update. bye. x
  • Oh babe if you are still on line just wanted to say i am thinking of you. I have been reading your posts and have never known what to say but i did think you were going to make yourself poorly worrying and now you have. There is nothing you can do but wait till your next scan and try and stay positive. Just deal with one day at a time. You must try and look after yourself by eating and sleeping if you can. I know it is easier said than done . I had few anxious weeks myself but now you are off work get some rest, like n 1983 said if you want to curl up in bed all day do it. And to stay off this sight too and the internet is a very good idea. Hope you get to read this though take care xxxxxxxx
  • Thinking of you and I know how you feel, Im glad I am not the only one who sometimes feels like this. Some days I feel the whole world is against me and trying to just keep heads up is hard work.
    Keep strong
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