Health in pregnancy grant


I'm 20+3 and just wondering how you go about claiming the Health in Pregnancy grant at 25 weeks. Do I have to fill anything in?

Sorry if I'm a bit clueless but am not sure how this works




  • hi

    yes, there should be a letter in your pack that you received at your 12 wk scan...

    You just need to get your midwife to sign in at your 25 wk appointment......

    it usually takes about 3 weeks to get the money - although it can come earlier (when you put the correct bank details on it...D'oh...) haha

  • Thanks,

    I've just had a look in both my bounty packs (the one the midwife gave me at booking in and the one I got at my 12 week scan) but nothing in there?
    should it be in the bounty pack?

    Or should I just ask about it at next midwife appt (which is in about 4 or 5 weeks)

  • Hi. My midwife told me when I went for my booking in appointment that she will give me the form at my 25 week appointment and then I can send it off. Everywhere is so different though so I would wait until you see your mw next and talk about it then. x
  • Hi, I'm going to ask my MW at my 28 week appointment. My 25 week appointment was with my GP and he just said to ask her when I go in again. She has the form apparently and it gets signed and sent off, payment I think is about 3 weeks later xxx
  • My midwife just filled mine in and gave it to me when I went to my 25 week appointment, I didnt have to ask but if she doesnt mention it then I'd definately ask her about it when you get to 25 weeks.

  • Hey! I take it you're in Cornwall from your username? Me too! My form wasn't in the bounty pack, midwife filled it in for me at around my 25 wk appointment, I would just mention it nearer the time to make sure. I then filled in the rest, sent it off, money was in the bank approx 2 weeks later. No worries!
  • Hi all,

    Yep in Cornwall!
    Thanks for the replies ladies. I will just ask the midwife about it when I next see her. I just wasn't sure if I was meant to do something for it or not!

  • We should be 25 weeks on 27th Dec based on current calculation (may change after first scan). Hope we can get the grant OK with it being so close to the abolition date.
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