any suggestions welcome!?!

hey everyone, im just puttin on a post for some baby girl name suggestions .. im not sure if im having a boy or a girl but the name i had chosen (Eden) has been taken and used by one of my ' best friends' knowing that this was the name i had defo decided on if my baby is a girl :evil::evil:

now im wrecking my brain trying to think of another that i really like, something unusual as i have a very large family and its hard to find a name that isnt already used :\?:\?:\?

Dont know if its my pregnancy hormones but im really really annoyed at this seems like my 'friend' is giving me the two fingers and sayin ha ha we got there first ( exactely the words used when she fell pregnant before me too) then to top it all off, somethin (supposedly) was wrong with her pram so it got changed to guess what one very similar to mine :evil::evil::evil:

feel better after that wee rant image so any name suggestions wil be very much appreciated xxx


  • I think the names Amber, Ellie & Jasmine r nice 4 a girl. xx
  • I like Cerys, Ava, Lily - not surprised your annoyed I would be to!!
  • If you really like that name theres no reason why you shouldnt still have it, especially since your friend seems to be behaving rather childishly-can you see yourself still being close to her in a few years time (she'd wind me up if I were you)
    I know you must be really annoyed though, if you dont wanna go with the name you originally picked Im sure you'll find something which you'll love even more.
    I like the name Neve, I also like Paige and Sinead;10051;28/st/20080729/dt/5/k/9e45/preg.png

  • Sorry to hear your "friend" poached your chosen name. How about Paige, Kendra, Alyssa?
  • i shortlisted
  • we had chosen bethany and were keeping a secret, then a freind named thier baby thought again

    now if it's a girl it will be louise and we're not being so secret!
  • We finally have picked Tallia for a little girl but others that we liked where, Kyla, McKenzie, Dakota and Atlanta. Like you we wanted something original. Haven't told anyone about Tallia apart from you ladies so that no one can pinch it from us! Tammi xxx

  • hi
    how sooooo annoying for you! eden is such a gorgeous name as welll dont know if this helps but when i was pregnant with my first, if it was a girl i soooo wanted to call her emily..but as my pregnany drew to a close it appeared everyone was calling their babies that,,,but because i loved it so i ended up deciding to hiphernate it and called my daughter emily-rose
    other names i like for girls that im considering (but dont mind if you poach as i dont know you...!!!).
    melody, evie, carmen, clara, actually im still so trying to make my mind up!!! only have 5 weeks left as well!!
  • hi i think your friend is really mean to steal the name eden knowing full well you were going to use it, i say if you still really like it then still use it that'll backfire on her a bit then. we decided to call our little girl isla and haven't told anyone except on here, the other names we shortlisted were amelie, eva, holly, millie, elle and aayla feel free to use any xx

  • baby name books are good too, but i do find that i get a bit lost in them as there are so many names!
  • thankyou all for your suggestions..there are lots there for me to think about

    and trust me i will defo be more careful from now on, only reason i shared this info with her is because she had her name defo picked, and her pram bought .. then when the baby was born last week she just said to me ohh she dont look like an evie so i have decided to call her Eden i was fuming .. not to mention goin and changing the pram 2 days later to one very similar to mine :evil::evil:

    but anyway a little moan always makes me feel better, and with all your suggestions i will have a nicer name and hotter wheels imageimageimage
  • That is really mean to steal your name & copy everything else - she must be very jealous of you, sounds like she wants everything you want/have.
    We kept our names secret as I had mentioned names in the past which friends/colleagues have since called their we told everyone that if it was a girl it would be Delia & a boy would be Eric (after Banana Man!), we had a boy & named him Rawdon - I got the name from the book/film Vanity Fair & it's an English name...I wanted uncommon but not freaky names, my name is Francesca & my sisters are called Alexia & Thalia - I loved being the only Francesca in school & only met one other when I went to high school.
    TBH I find girls names harder to chose, I like Issabelle but that is becoming common & I always wanted Amelia but that has had a resent surge in popularity my surname is Jones I feel it's very important to give them as unique a name as possible as my hubby is called Paul & knows 3 other 'Paul Jones'!
    If you are likely to fall out then stick with Eden! It's a lovely name - did she tell you her inspiration for choosing it? If anyone had chosen Rawdon they would have a hard job explaining it as it is in only one name book I found!

  • Well she isn't much of a friend is she really!? We haven't shared any names or purchases with anyone for the same reasons really....

    Names we've shortlisted are Isabelle, Faye, Caitlin, Amelia, Grace, Eve and Neve
  • It's a lovely name - did she tell you her inspiration for choosing it?

    it makes me so angry i didnt open my mouth at the time as she said with a snarl ' i dont even know where i got it from' all i could reply was ' well i do ' ... her ex partner and baby's daddy is my oh's friend and even he knows its what we had choosen..which my oh was quick to point out

    sorry for going on im just soo annoyed, i cant believe how childish they have been ... i went thru egg donation for my aunt last year and had to put my own baby plans on hold until i had completed this for her and then it took a while after that for it to happen i was soo confused thinkin it would never happen to to get snarl's of ha ha we beat you to it should have told me what sort of friends they were back then but i guess im just too soft ... this is my oh's first baby, and just 2 weeks ago the father of my 2 children (who i was still friends with) died in a horrible accident in work so for a 'friend' to do this at this already stressful time is gettin me down so much

    but thank you all for your kind suggestions it has lifted my spirits xxx
  • Best of wishes to you, hubby and baby for tomorrow - how exciting for you to finally get to meet your baby!
  • Sorry posted this on wrong thread! Still got 5 weeks to go - doesn't bode well ...!
  • Eden is a beautiful name, its my daughters middle name. Sorry to hear your friend knicked it from you!
    I like Amber, Belle, Isabella, Amelie, Emily, Megan, Chloe, Ruby and Lillie.
  • I like Iris, Isla and Esme. I think it's nice to have something a bit different but not completely wacky where everyone feels sorry for the baby!!!
    My hubbys mate has just called his baby Tallulah if you fancy that....
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