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Hey image

I am 16 weeks pregnant and last night I was sitting watching tv with dh when it suddenly felt like my lower abdomen had turned over lol it felt like an alien was trying to escape from my stomach it was almost like really bad trapped wind.

Could this be the first time I have felt my baby move? it was a little bizarre and almost took my breath away.

This is my first baby and I don't really know what to look for so any comments would be much appreciated,

Thank you :\)


  • could be honey mine felt like lots of bubbles going off the 1st time i felt it at 15 weeks then at 19 i could feel a definate kick that could be felt on the outside too.

    U probably felt baby do a full turn or something! congratulations! xxx
  • It was really odd, when we had the scan baby kept flipping over and kicking the side of my uterus and doing flips, we were in the for about 20 mins waiting for him/her to keep still long enough to take measurements and I was thinking I hope baby calms down before I starting feeling movements, but it must be that he/she hasn't and is determined to make me jump lol.

    How are you hun? I bet you have been asked that loads of times so sorry if I sound like a stuck record.

  • ellie was always really active right up until she was born, some babies just are. U could visually see her turning in my tummy it was awful looked like she was trying to get out through my belly button!!

    Just enjoy it cause this will be the only time u have her/him to yourself!!

    I'm fine, feeling far more positive and back on the ttc wagon so hoping for a bfp soon as had a faint line on OV sticks last 2 days so fingers crossed!
    Just sorting out the mess of the crash too blimmin insurers and solicitors are driving me mad!!!

    everything okay with u and bub other than being a fidget?
  • I'm glad to hear you are ok image

    Me and bub are good, although hubby and I had an argument on sat that landed me in floods of tears, I'm not really sure what was up with him but he started saying he didn't believe that the baby was his (even though we were ttc for 7 months) and he was calling me awful names. This went on for about two hours and in the end I just let him rant on and didn't say anything back as i couldn't be bothered to argue. He ended up apologizing a lot but I just didn't get it.

  • Sorry had to pop and get sandwich from dorking!? oops!

    How strange?! maybe he's feeling a bit left out?! i know my dh found it difficult in the 1st few months as ur not obviousley pg and they can't feel any kicks. they have some funny things going on in their heads i'm afraid.

    least he apologised!!! Very manly!!
  • Do men make a habit of being rude to us on occassion? I know that sounds like a really weird question but he is only my second serious relationship (I was previously with someone for 3 years) and we got married in december. My previous serious relationship ended in disasters as he was physically and mentally abusive (I haven't told my husband the full story as he would go mad and i want to keep it in my past), but my point is that my hubby is the most loving person I have ever met and would do anything for me but on occassions (not very often at all) he completely flies off the handle calling me names and making me feel worthless, I have leanr to not say anything as eventually he will calm down and apologise but it's very confusing as I don't know what sets it off.I know we are both deeply in love but when he says these things it makes me feel like he doesn't love me.

    Does any of that make sense?

  • It sounds like he maybe just ets things build up and build up until something little triggers it off then the whole lot comes out.
    Have u asked him what it was all about?
    Know one not even a DH has the right to make you feel worthless especially now that u need the support more than ever!
    If i were u....now this is only my opinion....i'd tell him about ur past it may make him understand how he makes u feel when he reacts like this!
    If it helps my dh and i are very in love (well i assume he is too lol) we argue, mainly bickering and one of us flies off the handle occasionally this is married life and its because u love each other that much that u feel able to vent ur frustrations because u know they'll love u know matter what!!

    I'm here if u need to chat.
  • Thank you very much for your help.

    I still don't think I will tell hubby about the past as I can't really talk about it but he knows enough to understand what the situation was without me having to go into great detail. It hardly ever happens, when I say hardly I mean about 3 times since we first met, but it's the name calling that gets to me I don't think anyone should be spoken to like he spoke to me on Sat and I will certainly not accept it onfront of our child. I think all of the excitment has got to him and he doesn't know how to vent his frustrations. All our family and friends know how in love we are, and we are openly soppy lol but he had quite a messed up childhood and he always says to me how he never wants to be like his dad was to him and I know he will be the best dad possible, but he tells me he is scared I will turn round one day and tell him i'm not in love with him anymore likehis dad did to his mum, I have said this will never happen but i'm thinking maybe he behaves like that sometimes to protect himself.

    Sorry if i'm going on, I don't tend to talk about my emotions etc.

  • Thats fine i don't mind.
    Like i said know one deserves to be spoken to like he did to you, maybe lay down some rules as such that its not exceptable for him to speak to u like that and certainly not when bubs is here, cause they'll will pick up on atmospheres good and bad!

    As long as he's aware of what he doesn't want to be then he shouldn't worry he's not his dad and shouldn't think cause he's his son that he will enivtably turn out like him!

    ur doing everything right, don't worry hun u'll be fine!
  • Thank you again for your help.

    I genuinly believe he would never swear etc infront of our child, so fingers crossed he will calm down. What probably didn't help was he had had a few drinks with his family and I completely hate saturdays as I know they will drink and everyone gets a bit mouthy after a drink.

  • There u go then honey sounds like maybe u just needed to talk it through in ur own head as such!!
    image( feel useless now....blimmin pg women! Lol!
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