highlights while pregnant yes or no?

as title says is it ok?



  • nooooooooooo it can send your hair green im talking frm experience wen i fell preg wiv my little girl lol i wasnt impressed xxx dnt do it hun w8 till u had baby
  • I did after 12 weeks in both pregnancies with no ill effects. Comes down to personal choice in my opinion.

  • ok im thinking i wont my hair is pretty blonde anyway and goes lighter in the sun. ill go and get it cut but not lightened.

  • I have had my hair highlighted through all 3 of my pregnancies (nearly at the end of this one) every 5 weeks as i usually do and its always been fine image
  • i have and its done me no harm, guess everyone is different xx
  • I'm a hairdresser and never had a pregnant womans hair turn green on me, but I guess everyone is different.
    Still, I would say go for it.
  • Im a qualified hairdresser hun and Id say its perfectly safe but be warned your hair may react differently due to the changing of chemicals and hormones!!



  • I'm getting mine done next week- will let you know if I look like a punk after!
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