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Just wonderi ng if anyone had had any hassle at work with getting time off for maternity appoinments?
I had my 16 week MW appointment on xmas eve, so went into work 3 hours late. One of my seniors has never shut up about it since, and I was asked why I couldnt have arranged the appointment for the day before when I had the day off.

It is driving me insane as she is still going on about it today. I complained to a more senior manager, but knowing him hw wont say anything. I swear if it gets mentioned again tomorrow im just walking out!

Has anyone else has similat trouble? I really dont need the stress!


  • I've not had any problems but then again I never see my manager and I work flexi time so he wouldn't have a clue anyway!!
    As far as I was aware, you have a legal right to take paid time off work to attend mw appointments etc so surely they can't hassle you about this.
    Have you checked on your employers HR policies about pregnancy? I'd check it then mention this if they keep going on about it.
    Sorry can't be more help
    Shell 29+0
  • HI Hun, sorry to hear you're having a mare at work about your be honest I don't have any trouble - I just let them know when they are. I try to make them early morning or late afternoon but it's not always possible - especially when youhave to go to hospital for the scans etc....

    Try not to let it get to you - she's probably jealous you're PG! but speak to someone if it is worrying you xxx
  • If she mentions it again, please point out that with mw appts you get what you are given because you are entitled to time off!
    I only work wednesdays and that is the only day i can have mw appts, my boss is ok with it considering i have only been there less than 2 months, i don't get paid for it tho because i don't want to push it, he could easily get rid of me after my 3 month probabtion so trying to keep him sweet!
    But you really should stick up for yourself to her directly, they usually back down when they get answered back to!!

  • Hi

    i have to show my appointment cards - which is a joke as they are hand written by the receptionist and I could write anything but don't have the hassle you are getting - hope it gets better and I agree with SamanthaJ23 - do stick up for yourself as you may regret walking out! x
  • hi how rude is your manager eh , i agree with sb tell her u will put a compliant in of harrasment if she carries on , i hated my job so much i made sure all my appointments were in work time so it would break my day up abit and i got paid for not being there , infact i was naughtey cos i told my midwife this and she used to keep me longer ...he he xxxxxxx
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