Anyone Diabetic?

Hi there

just wondering if anyone had diabetes here?

I am Type1 insulin dependent and have thus far struggled to find anyone else in my clinic with it!!

Be nice to touch base with a few more pin cushions !

this is our first baby so juggling the blood sugars is all a wee bit scary, my consultant keeps putting the fear of God into me about the baby growing too quickly etc...any help very gratefully received!

much love

murphymoo x

(16 wks pregnant)


  • Finallly - another diabetic! Yes I am! I've have been waiting paitently on this forum for another one to come along - its sooooo hard isn't it?!
    I've only been diabetic (type 1 too) for 9 months and am now 21 weeks pregnant so its all very new.

    So far I have had a million scans and today I had a detailed scan on the babies heart in Oxford - so far all appears normal. Like you, this is my first baby and the consultants scared the sh*t out of me too! Told me I had a 50% chance of miscarriage at the beginning just cos I was diabetic.

    What have your sugars been like? How much insulin are you taking? Soooo many questions!
  • ha ha you sound just like me!!!

    By the way my name is Laurie, lovely to meet you.

    My sugars are running at between 4 - 6 which has been really hard work, I seem to hypo alot which is such a pain in the trick is marks and spencer percy pigs as they are individually carbed on the back !!

    We too have had quite alot of scans so far, i must admit the care has been excellent here in Devon.

    shall i give you my email let me seem so far away!!

    speak soon,

    much love, Laurie xxxxxxxx
  • Yes, would love your email address. I'm in Northamptonshire.

    Between 4-6 - that's so impressive! Don't you ever get 15's after food?! I do, quite a lot but then manage to get it back down fairly quickly.

    My baby is already showing slightly bigger than average (at the 20 wk scan) so am very nervous he will come early. Have you been told what the possibility of an early birth is and whether we definitely have to have a c section?

  • hi ladies
    i have type 1 diabetes too. Have had for last 7 years. I am not currently pregnant but have a happy and healthy 4 year old so if you have any questions ask away!
    Was told he would be a big baby and to keep sugars between 4-6 which they were most of the time but in first 3 and last 3 months had quite bad hypos.
    Was on novorapid and insulatard and still am now. Doses lessened in first trimester rose in 2nd to nearly double doses and then lessened again in last trimester. LO was 8lb 5oz when born by c section becaused he was breech.
    Had loads of scans primarily because i bled throughout my pregnancy.
    When he was born he had a low blood sugar which i was told to be expected. He then bf for 40mins and was fine otherwisw would have gone to special care. I didn't have a insulin infusion on day of section and was 1st on list in the morning as long as bm's were ok(they were) this meant i ate when i got back and also didn't have as many drips etc and was free to move a bit.
    Hope this helps ladies, ask all you want, i dont mind
    Filo x (ttc no. 2, 5 days til i test)
  • Hello ladies not quite diabetic but i am insulin resistant - and have to take metformin although was told to stop during pregnancy because they didn't want to take risks with side affects!
    at my 20 week scan baby measured at a wopping 2 pounds think he was only meant to be roughtly 10 oz at that stage!
    have got shakey a good couple of times - and was refered to dietishion (sp) and diabeatic clinic as they recon it will develope into the full blown thing!

    trying to follow the G.I and have posted on here before for support/ideas doing so but doesn't seem to be many people needing it or knowing what i'm talking about!


    so be lovely to chat with you both and see how your managing see if i can get tips and that! xx
  • wow!!!

    I am so chuffed I plucked up the courage to post..I must admit I have been feeling very lonely ! we were told for the last 8 years that having this baby was nearly impossible!

    We had just started our adoption process which had taken a year to pluck up the courage to do so it was a total shock really although I had been doing pre-pregnancy planning forever!!!

    We actually sourced alternatives last year after the IVF rounds...we visited a nutritionalist and have been having accupuncture since Nov last year twice a month...I have to say the accupuncture has been a true god send regarding the sickness and headaches and i feel it really helped to nourish little one in the early stages so it hung on there...I may sound like a nutter but we have tried everything!!

    I have been insulin diabetic for 16 mumis too so they think its genetic as far as they can at this stage. I am on humalog and Levemir and follow the DAPHNE course which has helped me acheive the low blood sugars but I have been really obsessive about testing since 4 weeks gone.

    Shanna - I still have really random bloods when i can't calculate my carbs as well which can really make me feel poo...what kind of regime do you follow ? my exchanges have increased now as filobabe hers did.

    We have our 20 week scan on 22nd April...bricking it as i look really preggers already..a proper pert bump. My cons has been very strict with me stating all sorts of horrid facts about fetal growth and death! he has said I HAVE to hace a C-section and baby will go into neo-natal etc he wont let me go past 37 weeks the list goes on so its grand to hear that filobabes birth seemed pretty normal?

    I just keep telling myself that it will be ok!...its fab to hear from you all I can't tell you how excited I was to see some fellow sweeties !!!

    it must be love...will you have to start metformin again at some point? if you can go through this pregnancy not needing insulin you are doing brilliantly girl!! well done.

    Not sure if I should post my email here...I am on face book but don't use much or can I personal message on so not too sure?

    take care all xx
  • yes you can personal message on here if you like, others have. Glad i can be of help
    Filo x
  • hey filobabe!

    thanks again for making it all sound acheivable! can i ask...oh dear how pants am i how do i personal message here? !! xx
  • i think actually you may just have to put it on here, but all will see it then.
    Oh by the way poas this am and just got a positive pregnancy test so about to go through this all again.
    Filo x
  • FANTASTIC !!!!!!

    congratulations you must be over the moon what a wonderful thursday!!!!!

    Can I ask has this been easy for you? or have you had to do pre preg planning etc? what will be the age diff between your bambinos?

    Wow what great news filo i have a massive smile on my face now what a happy day!!

  • age difference will be 5 years and couple of months when/if baby is born (nervous due to recent mc).
    Have been taking 5mg folic acid at diabetes consultant request are you? didn't in 1st pregnancy.
    My hba1c had always been excellent so no worries there, have been ttc this one for last 6 months and had 2 v. early mc's in that time. Before little boy i had been trying for 15 mths but had not a clue about ovulation etc.
    Filo x
  • Yeah took me two and a half years to concieve was told id most likely loose the child (she says as he kicks her hard!) yeah will go back on metformin as soon as baby is born and once if stopped breat feeding! I started showing really early in fact my best friend told me i was pregnant at 3 weeks! she took one look at me and just knew! i had a bump at 6 - 8 weeks! although ive only put two pound on since getting pregnant but i'm huge! got such a massive bump! when i walk around so funny i am 23 weeks at mother care the other day had someone who was much further along get up for me because she assumed i was ready to drop lol! all solid baby bump tho and only at the front! we were just about to go to the doctors (again) and ask about taking medication to increase fertitiy - and it just happened!

    i'm on face book too! Natalie O'Keeffe
  • hey ladies, im not diabetic but i have a high risk of developing gestational diabetes and iv had the living daylights out of me. i also have insulin resistance and was told i would prob never have my own children, me and oh were only tryin for 2 months before i fell pg - he now reckons he has super sperm!!nice.

    im havin my GTT in a couple of weeks so im hopin all will be ok but bump keeps bootin my insides and filo has given me some reassurance. why do mw and cons feel the need to scare the life out of women??lol.
  • Congratulations Filobabe - that is fantastic news! Fingers crossed for you x

    Murphymoo - I also follow DAPHNE, a 1:1 ratio at the moment but sometimes I can eat excatly the same, take the same amount of insulin but get different results, its really werid!

    Did you/do you get headaches because of the diabetes? I have them really bad - everyday, maybe I should try accupuncture - does it hurt?!
  • Shanna the accupuncture has so helped with the headaches its been wonderful.

    Its weird as i am typing im having a hypo! i am at 2.1 well an excuse to eat somthing tasty i suppose!!

    my ratio is 1:1.5 at the mo which is probably why i tend to hypo alot.

    how often do you see your diabetes consultant? i there every 2weeks they combine it with maternity so i see 3 people a midwife, maternity doc and my diabetes takes forever but am very grateful to have such care.

    just making a cup of earl grey and scoffing some yorkshire tea ginger biscuits....yum yum.

    oh how can you ask if accu hurts if you inject!! iv'e just seen it to be honest the accu needles are so thin almost feather like and bendy.

    hope you have had a good day. xx Laurie
  • Hi!

    You must be careful having so many hypos - aren't they just as dangerous as highs?!

    I see the consultants every 2 weeks too - bit like you I spend 3 hours a week on a Thursday afternoon in a diabetic antinatal clinic, its really boring waiting around mostly but I agree, we get really good care and attention!

    You've sold me on the accupuncture - am gonna look up my nearest one now!

    Have they told you the liklihood of your baby having diabetes yet?

    PS - how old are you? I'm 29 x
  • I thought that too Shanna was so worried at first, the consultant said the hypos don't have any effects on the baby at all which is strange! he said just be aware that warning signs can decrease etc.

    He keeps saying that babys shouldl be born with a blood sugar of 4 and if I am any higher it will gobble up the excess sugars and grow to big and end up hypoing when its delivered etc which puts strain on its heart...i cried so much when i got home i was so scared that this tiny baby will have to go through all of this so if i can keep them as low as i can i will try...but its exhausting i feel i eat sleep and breath diabetes at the mo if I'm honest it really gets me down sometimes!

    I am 32 and my hubby is 36 we managed to get pregnant when I was 25 but we lost it at 13 weeks so its been such a journey..had IVF x 3 no success then 7 years later a natural result...mind blowing all along the cons have blamed my diabetes which has always been good so I have felt very responsible. We started adoption last year and I just can't believe all those people that said "just wait it will happen when you stop trying" we wanted to punch them all ....but are now eating humble pie!!

    Regards to the baby having Diabetes...I'm not sure what I think really I never thought about it but you are the 2nd person to bring it up, maybe I had blinkers on, are you worried? My mum is diabetic has been since 5yrs I got it when I was 16 so they think there is a link its weird though I just pray it will have more of hubby's genes than mine!

    I'm gutted you live so far away! i have figured out how you can email me if you go to my profile you have a link to email me privately therfore the emails are not on view for non members etc (i think thats how it works) i cant access yours put i changed my settings so you can email me if you like.

    Can I ask how big is your bump now? I am nearly 17 weeks and its like a basketball! worried about the size as lots of people keep saying I'm big for my stage?

    Any cravings yet? mine has been steak pies...ugggh which is not great for the hips !! oh and watermelon i can eat it till the cows come home.

    have a good friday sweetie,

    L x
  • Hey - looked at your profile but no email appeared! This is mine: [email protected] Email me and then I'll have your address and will answer all your questions by email!


  • just emailed you shanna x
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