Anyone else suddenly really clumsy?

I have turned so clumsy in the last week or so! It's awful I just seem to go near stuff and it falls or breaks. Or I am wobbling so much I knock things over. Hubby things it's amusing but I'm starting to feel odd! Anyone else feeling more clumsy since being pregnant???



  • The clumsiness hormone kicks in straight away I'm afraid!

    Nothing is safe until you have given birth - its one of the little things that you arent warned about lol
  • LOL yes I'm a clutz too - have been the past couple of weeks - it's poor balance...
  • Lol makes me feel better knowing that!
  • I've noticed that since I became pregnant I seem to be constantly dropping things. It's getting really frustrating now as I'm nearly 31wks with a big bump & struggle to pick up whatever it is I've dropped!!
  • Yes - big time! I scare the life out of my builders as I'm always falling down holes/over planks of wood etc! I was bad enough before but now I can't even stand up without veering over to one side!
  • Ive lost all spacial awareness! I had to move my sofa coz i kept bashing my knee when i walked in the room. Although i still say im sure the sofa is in MY way!!
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