FAO Zoey85

Hi hun, just wanted to say thanks for saying Millie was cute. Didn't want to reply on the other post coz I am now ignoring it lol! She is looking particularly pleased with herself in that photo as she was driving her dads car round Knowlsley safari park at the time. He is starting her young!
Kerry xx


  • Im nosy so jumping in here to add - if you ever get fed up I'LL HAVE HER!!! She is gorgeous xxxxxxxxxxx
  • I'll remember that the next time she is lying on the floor screaming because she hasn't got her own way! She is a right little madam at times but I think she knows she is cute coz she does stuff she knows she shouldn't and then just looks at you and smiles as if to say "you know you are going to let me get away with it" Think she gets it from her dad lol.
  • Jumping in here lol but she is very cute. She looks like my sister when she was little. Downy blonde hair and a cheeky face! xxxx


  • Jump in as much as you like! I never get bored of people saying she is cute lol
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