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Hi ladies,
I did mention this is someone elses post regarding weight, but here i go anyway. Im not hugely over weight, I was 11st when I fell pregnant, Im now 15wks and have shot rite up to 12st, which has really upset me. I know why though because I ate nothing but s**t over xmas and new year. Anyway i decided I need to totally change my eating habits and start eating healthy for the sake of me and my baby. Because im very tired and spotty and I dnt think my diet is helping. I went along to my local weight watchers and explained all this, saying I wanted to join just for some extra support with eating better and was not really interesting in losing weight, just getting healthy. However the woman was very snotty with me and flatly refused saying pregnant women cnt sign up as new members, how discriminating is that?!? I have started eating better since then (was on mon) but i do feel a bit demotivated i only wanted abit of support. I thought women were allowed to weight watch while pregnant, but clearly u have to already be a member when you fall pregnant. Sorry to rant but iv bin stewing over this, has anyone had a similar experience. Kerry xxx


  • Ive done weight watchers from home before (my mum works as a clerk for a local w.w. after being a w.w. for many years - although shes been slim for as long as i can remember). Anyway, i put on weight a few years back (about 10st 11) which for me was heavy and i was miserable as i was previoulsy really skinny. After doing it at home, i lost nearly two stone (got down to 8st 5 for my wedding in May last year) with good diet and lots of exercise. I was 8st 12 or so when i got pregnant.

    I dont actually know whether or not pregnant women are allowed to join or if she was just being snotty with you. I know pregnant women arent technically allowed to diet but i never thought of w.w. as a diet as you can eat anything you like as long as you stick to the points allocated to you. The heavier you are the more points you are allowed. I had 20 points each day which was definately enough and i was always full. On WW, I still drank alcohol and went out for curries etc when i was doing it and ate the odd biscuit etc. but i made up for it by eating well the rest of the time and exercising. I dont see the harm with you being allowed to join in the w.w meetings - as you said you dont want to diet (its not like you want to do a strict diet) you want tips on healthy eating which is what WW is all about - getting the maximum benefit from your food by not eating empty calories such as junk food.

    Have you thought about joining online? You will probably still get menu samples and tips etc?

    Sorry, probably not been much help!


    27 weeks

  • Yeah I think I will look on line, but that snotty woman has really made me not want to put any money in their direction. I think my mum joined w.w last year (but didnt keep it up) so I will ask her if shes got any of her old stuff. I just want to do wats right for baby and hopefully make me feel better in the process, but ive never really eaten healthy before coz ive never really bothered about my weight, a size 14 has always worked fine for me, ha ha ha, thanx girlies. Kerry xxx
  • hiya kerry
    i have tried WW - & found it pretty crap to be honest! why not try slimming world - im pretty sure you can join when ur pregnant as well - as WW they limit you to whatever your point intake is yet slimming world has ''no limit'' as such?? in other words you are never left hungry as there is always 'free food' whereas WW, think the only thing free is lettuce! which really fills you up! ha! not even fruit is free!!

    or maybe jus sit back and enjoy your pregnancy and worry about the dieting after! thats was the advice i got given!

    im almost 28wks and have put on 25lb. although still wearing all my old size 12 trousers (jus with a bump band covering my tummy) it has taken me ages to get into my head i am actually pregnant and not just gettin fat!

    good luck with whatever you choose to do kerry image

  • Hi gem,
    Thanks for your advise I would normally just sit back and enjoy like i did last time, but like you said u are still able to fit into old clothes with just a bump, thats wat i did last time. This time however is a different story as there is hardly any of my old clothes i can fit into, my hips seem to have just expanded. Is anyone else watching wat they are eating throughout pregnancy as im really confused? Kerry xxx
  • isnt each pregnancy different tho? i dont kno as it is my first so it is all new to me. xx
  • rosemary conley allow you to go when pg and if dr says ok can even exercise with some variations on the normal exercises. Filo x
  • hi i would have thought they would have let you join??but maybe its incase you take it a bit far and diet so much that it harms the baby and they are scared incase they get sued or something??if you know someone who has joined you could maybe still use their points system etc if there is any other way of getting hold of the information? i am thinking of following some kind of diet as i just feel so huge, this is my second and last time i got away with wearing size 12 instead of 10 right up to the birth, this time i been in maternity jeans since 12 weeks! as my bum and hips have got huge!!my bum sticks away out the back and my hips and thighs are much wider!and my bump isnt exactly that big i wouldnt say.and i think it is much harder to tell how much is my weight and how much is baby...at least if you not preg you can tell if jeans getting a bit tight if you eating too much etc.!!

    im not sure anyone ele who would let you join but i am going to look into it, just so my weight dosnt go up too much, i not trying to loose weight, just not wanting to gain too much unnecessarily. x


  • I used to go to Slimming World & there was one lady who was pregnant and another who had followed it throughout her pregnancy & only put on a few non-pregnancy pounds!
    I have thought of going back since being pregnant, but usual excuse "haven't got round to it". I've tried to eat fairly healthily anyway so am hoping not to pile on unneccessary pounds!!
  • I don't see why they wouldn't let you join. I mean you would have probably got a few extra points for being preg but it still is better than scoffing your face lol coz I know thats all I did over xmas!

    I was 12st and a size 14-16 when I got preg, I lost 9lbs, and have now put it back on. However I think that's all bump and boobs lol as I am in a size 12 maternity. I think exercise is the way to go personally. I walk for half an hour or more most weekdays and I'm going to start going to the gym with my mum next week. I never feel like eating healthy stuff so I just exercise! x
  • you can definatly do slimming world when pg!! it's really healthy and gives a great mix of all the food groups!
  • hiya
    i was a member of weight watchers before i fell pregnant and they dont let you carry on as it is limited calories which is no good for a developing baby, but slimming world do allow pregnant women to join and its great (i went with my last baby)
    im 32 weeks and stood on my bathroom scales today and ive put on a bloody stone which made me jump off quickly and gave me the push to eat a little more wisely!!!
    good luck
    vikki xx
  • hi

    i think one of the reason weight watchers won't let you join when preg is becuase it is just that you have to count everything you eat and you can't eat a lot at all.

    slimming world will let you join but you have to have a note from mw saying its ok but can't see them minding cause it is just healthy eatting with fresh and healthy food would always suggest slimming world as have done it 4 years now got down to target but put pounds on over christmas and it s good

  • Do slimming world it is ok if your midwife signs a little note for you. My best friend did it last year and only put a stone on throughout her pregnancy...and still ate huge portions of healthy food.
  • hi that sounds great actually, dont mean to sound thick but how do you join? do you go to meetings?how do i find out where it is in my area?
  • Im not a memober of weight watchers at the moment but think i will be after the birth. Im 27weeks gone and have put on 2 1/2 stone already. Cant get over it. I weighed last week and i was 12stone - today i weighed myself and i was 12 1/2 atone. Ive put on 1/2 a stone in a week!!! Gutted! although im not surprised as i have eaten a shed load of cake and crap for the last few weeks. Enough is enough now and im just trying to eat healthily. Your not alone!
  • Thanks eveyone,
    Uve all given me the incentive to just try and eat healthy rather than follow a dieting plan. I mean if i cnt indulge a little while im pregnant wen can i? Ive got loads of fruit and veg in house now, and im hoping i will see an improvement in my skin as well, as ive got terrible spots (bloody hormones!), thanks agen ur advise has been gr8! Kerry XXX

  • with slimming world you just go to your local meeting they are really friendly and diet is great

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