help progressing slow labour?!?

Hi ladies,

After experiencing constant period pain all night on Friday, and shooting pains down below, i caled midwife at the hospital 4 some advice she said it seems like i am in slow labour, im not in any pain, just feeling uncomfortable. Im about to get a long soak in the bath following the midwifes advice but wondered if anyone had any advice to give to maybe speed things up? thanks

Steph 39+6 xx


  • hi. my sil has gone in today in labour she was 8 days over due and i told her to straddle a dining chair facing the back of it, this opens up your pelvis and helps to put pressure on your cervix. it worked for her. i'm waiting on some news not heard abything yet. good luck to you. xx
  • Get bouncing on that birthing ball if you have one and go for a long slow walk (not on your own!!).
    The day I had my son I went for a walk with my sister and we just kept on walking until somthing started to happen, I think we were walking for about 5 hours!!!!!

    Good Luck!
    Naomi xx
  • oh my god i have been getting the same for the last few days. constant period pains. it varies in intensity. i havent phoned labour ward as didn't feel it necessary. do you think this means i am in really slow labour. ooohhh.
    well i was bouncing on my ball lastnight and baby has dropped so low. so maybe give that a try. i hope it happens for you real soon hun. i am going to keep on bouncing.

    good luck
    kate 38+2
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