Sickness?? Sorry, its long!

Just a moan and a quick question...

I fell totally rotten all day and night and its really getting me down! I feel constantly sick, although I was sick for the first, and currently only, time yesterday morning. The problem is I HATE being sick. I have been frightened of it since I was really small...the idea that it hurts, being unable to breathe etc scares me s**tless! I am able to stop myself, albeit very very difficult at the moment and I think this is making me feel worse.

I have 3 questions that I hope someone can answer...

1. My mum told me that she was sick for 8 months when pg with me...please tell me sickness in pg is not hereditary as I dont think I could handle that!?

2. Will holding it in, with breathing exercises I have taught myself etc, make me or baby ill. Hubby is really worried that if I am meant to be sick I will be and should be but I just cant bring myself to let it happen?

3. The thought of food makes me feel worse. I am desperately trying to eat but am definately not eating as much as I should considering I am carrying a growing baby. I am having to force feed myself, even if I gag as I am eating! Will this damage my baby? Ive heard that baby will take what it needs from whatever I eat but I dont know how this translates when I am eating so little (yesterday I managed an apple, a cheese roll, a packet of crisps and then, for tea, half a sausage and half a jacket potato and that was forced) I am taking Sanatogen Pronatal so am getting folic acid etc that I need.

Sorry this is so long but I am just so fed up with feeling so so awful...and hubby is really worried as I miscarried our first bean in Jan (although I never felt like this last time) so thought Id ask you to put both our minds at rest!

Thank you ladies xxx

Gemma 6 + 4


  • Hi Gemma
    BE ate my last response!
    1 - no its not hereditory!
    2 - no shouldn't cause harm, but being sick will not hurt you - not nice i know - but your body is trying to adapt
    3 - if baby needs food your body will crave it. Don't force feed yourself - you will get appetite back! Try eating a couple of digestives first thing in the morning - my mum swore by it - though i've never suffered - yet....
    Also - you may want to try taking your folic acid at a different time, had to stop taking that myself last time as made me feel really poorly.
    You will feel better!
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