downes test!

my friend had a blood test that came back 1 in 100 chance of her baby having Downes, she is due to have the amnio test today, has anyone had this? I just wanted to get some feedback for her to reassure her when she gets back from test, if you've had it and it's all been fine, and the baby turns out ok, please let me know. poor girl is beside herseelf with worry. xx


  • hiya i have never had this but my mum did, she said she was so worried but the doctor was lovely and reassured her. everything was fine. although her bloods were low so she wasn't at risk anyway she had to have it cos she was over 40 at the time which gives her a high chance of having one. not many will end up having a downs she will prob be just fine and the risk to m/c is very very low and if she rests after she'll be fine image
  • i didn't have this but a friend of mine did because she was over her 40's. she said it was painful but the results were fine and her little boy is 3 now and so cute and there's nothing wrong with him...
  • HI there a friend of mine got her results and they were very high however after have the amnio they came back clear and she gave birth to avery healthy little girl last week!
    Tammi xxx

  • Hey my mum had 2 amnios with me and sis as was late 30s/40 and all was fine afterwards. Im sure all will go well xxx
  • My mum had amnio with me and my sister and my friend had one last year. All was ok and she just had to rest for a while.
  • hi i had an amnio done with my third child as the results came back boarder line. I paid the extra to get the results back quicker as didnt want the worry of waiting two weeks when you can have the results in three days.The good thing is you can find out the sex which is 99% sure. Everything was fine after told to take it easy for a few days tell her to put her feet up and rest sure everyting will be ok for her .xx
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