Hi Ladies, hope everyone & bumps are well this morning! Just wondering if anybody had some sure fire ways of getting rid of heartburn? I am being woken up 4 or 5 times a night with it and I am spening a fortune on rennies and such like!!! Its getting to the stage where it feels like I am going to be sick and then I wake up choking and its taking me ages to get back off to sleep. I work full time and I am such a grumpy cow if I don't get enough sleep! Any advice welcome!
Cheers Tammi



  • hi i had it REALLY bad when pg from wk 6 until the minute my contractions started. i tried EVERYTHING! however the only thing that gave me a bit of relief was gaviscon advance its thick and better than ordinary gaviscon (which didnt work) i would recommend this but go to gp its free for you xxx
  • Arrrgh I know how you feel, heartburn is horrible. My oh works nights and when he comes in and I wake up it is so bad I feel sick. I tried those gaviscon cool tablets which are quite good, also milk does help xxx
  • Thanks girls! Will speak to my midwife on Wednesday about getting some gaviscon advance in the mean time will try more milk and fruity tum tabs! Cheers
  • i am having the same poblem beeing woken in the night i have to go down fo glasses of milk about 3-4 times in the night, its horible isnt it.
    milk is the only thing that hepls mine but even then it dusnt help for long.


  • milk does help me but like u nikki its short lived!! and gavisgon are dear but they work! x
  • I got gaviscon on prescription too .I hated the taste of it but it did work.
  • i found that camille tea 1 hours b 4 and a glass of milk at bedtime helps and a small spoon of gaviscon if bad in night i know it seems a lot bit i found it helps
  • Cheers I am off to bed tonight with a bottle of gaviscon (hate the taste too) and some chewie rennies so heres to a good nights sleep!
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