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Just wondering at what stage you are all looking to start maternity leave?, I am not due till September (long way off yet), but just wondering whether a month before baby is due is ok to start maternity leave.




  • Hi Jayne

    My baby's due 22nd July and I'm starting my maternity leave 3 weeks before. But I've also got to use up my annual leave so I'll actually be leaving work 6 weeks before baby's due. I'm hoping we'll have a nice summer so I can put my feet up in the garden and enjoy the calm for a few weeks before the chaos begins!! Ha ha! A month sounds OK, but I guess it depends how you're feeling later on.

    Serena xxxx
  • hi im due 28th july and planning to go maternity leave 30th june as that is when our school holidays begin,

  • I think I'm going to finish 2-3 weeks before due...if I can hold on that long!
  • My baby due date is 10th April and i finish work on 28th March which leaves about 12 days before due date. May ask if i can finish the week before as i am starting to get tired towards the end of a working day now.
  • im starting mine when im 30 weeks gonna be so bored but this is the only choice i have as im in uni. Im moving house to so that should keep me occupied xxx
  • i left work at 36 weeks and had baby at 36+6 weeks left on the friday and had him on the wednesday.i wasnt actually on maternity when i had him i was still on holiday x
  • Hi, im planning on taking mine at 38 weeks, but im not sure if I will able to make it that far as im on my feet most of the day. If I can will take a week holiday at 37wks. If it hasnt already been booked up as started job after I found out I was pregnant. In addition, I dont get smp just maternity allowance therefore prefer want to carry on my job as long as I can,

    Its all down to you as an individual. Some go as close to due date as can, others prefer to take 6-8 weeks off prior to due date. You know in yourself how your body copes with things like stress/tiredness etc, we are all different so only go by your instinct not what others are doing image xxx
  • I'm also due in September so have ages to think about it and wait and see how I feel. But if possible I'd like to leave it as long as possible before finishing up. This is my 1st baby so I'm bound to go over. So I was thinking 2wks holiday before due date and then just start from due date cos it could be another 2 weeks after that. Mind you I commute to work on public transport so we'll just have to wait and see how I cope with the travelling. S x
  • I start my leave 5 weeks before my due date. I would have liked to work a bit later but I have to get a train and tube to work in town - no fun at all! I am getting a bit nervous about getting bored and feeling isolated in the weeks before lo arrives though!
  • im thinking about going on leave on 20 June. baby due on 5 July, so 2 weeks before due date. I am going to see how i feel though, if i want to leave earlier or later even i think i will be able to as long as i give employer at least a weeks notice.

    the DWP have a good site about when you have to tell employers and your rights etc,
  • im due on the 10th july and hopin to work up to 9th june but im gonna have loads of annual laeve which will take me past my due date but since im hopin to take a year off its all good. i cant wait but i know il get bored so hopin for a nice summer to get my vitamin d!!
  • Hi im due on 2nd July and will either be leaving on 2nd June or the 9th June (not decided which yet) so will either be 35 or 36wks. This is only because I wana spend loads of time with my toddler before baby comes, wen I was preg with Rhys i didnt leave til 37wks. Kerry xxx
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